October 14, 2019

Semi Identical Twins / Polar Twins

All this talk about testing Hannah and Hailey to check if they are really identical twins has got me curious! Are they really identical.. They shared a same placenta so if they weren't 100% identical they would have to be one of the newly discovered types of twins ( semi identical or polar twins )

Watch the video for my full thoughts!

May 22, 2019

Habitat For Humanity; My Process & House Update

Habitat For Humanity; My Process & House Update

My habitat for humanity processes. How long it has taken me to almost be ready to move into my habitat home and a quick peak at the progress on my habitat for humanity home! 
I got over some questions I get asked alot like, How long does it take to get a habitat for humanity house? whats the process like?

May 07, 2019

Ergo 360 VS Tula Free To Grow : For a Newborn

Ergo 360 VS Tula Free To Grow : For a Newborn

My baby is 1 month old, 9lbs 8oz. Here is my thoughts on the ergo 360 vs the tula free to grow for a baby that size.

also a demo of me putting on both carriers

April 24, 2019

C Section Staple Removal Day! | Ms. Bonnie Harris

Worried about how having staples removed after a section? Here's how it really feels

Watch this video : https://youtu.be/MDLwYhtlkbE

Warning I do show the whole staple removal posses. I think it's interesting. I was always DEATHLY afraid of a csection and having staples so to be able to share that it isn't so bad brings me joy! I Also love rewatching this clip just for the conversation :) 

February 27, 2019

Cloth Diaper Haul; Beginner, New & Used

Cloth Diaper Haul; Beginner, New & Used | Ms. Bonnie Harris

My haul of cloth diapers. Some new some used. Kawaii baby, pocket diapers, all in one ( AIO ), new born cloth diapers and one size fits all

February 21, 2019

Gender Surprise Name Reveal

What me and brandon want to name the baby is it's a boy or a girl. Baby Name reveal  

girl name reveal and boy name reveal as our gender surprise name reveal

how to choose the perfect baby name

how we choose our baby name/ how to choose the perfect baby name for a boy and a girl, how decided the middle names and what last name the baby will have

how to pick a middle name, why we picked these middle names, deciding which last name the baby will get, deciding which last name for baby. hyphenated last name, boy middle names, girl middle names.  How we picked a family name 

February 04, 2019

Official Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

ex 29 week premature baby gets officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 7

7 Year Old Has MRI Done 

Officially Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy

Does Hannah Have Autism

Why I'm Getting My Daughter Assessed For Autism

Is She On The Autism Spectrum? 

Is my child autistic , does my child have autism, signs of autism, geting assessed for autism,