December 03, 2015

Our Journey ... to health


  I'm a 24 year old single mom, blogging about my life raising former preemie Hannah & Hailey. 
The beginning of our story started with me unknowingly pregnant with twins at 20weeks, spending two months pregnant in Vancouver, Hailey being in the NICU for 93 daysbringing Hailey to see Hannah in the hospital for 414 days, Transferring hospitals, Learning about Tracheostomy care and going home for the first time after 507 days!
       We're in what I hope to be in the middle of our journey. Living life at home. Having around the clock nursing care. Dating with a special needs child. Trying hard to stay germ free. Growing Hannah's little lungs, taking naps off the vent. G-tube feeds. Hailey having her first seizure from her brain injury. trying to avoid hospital stays and constant battles with doctors. 

We don't blog/write as much as we use to because we started to share our journey though vlog/video form! It gives a better look at what our life is really like. Click HERE for our vlogs

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An introduction video