November 22, 2015

Media Kit November 21 2015

Bonnie is a Canadian hairstylist who enjoys sharing her interests on YouTube. She has a wide range of interests from beauty and fitness to motherhood and DIY's.  

As of November 21, 2015 Bonnie's followings on;
 Facebook page " H&H Harris Family journey" are 12,630+

Youtube Channel "Harris Family Journey" are 10,564+
Instragram " Harris Family Journey " are 2,400+ 

Her blog has 146, 312 pages views 


Harris Family Journey's largest followings are from the U.S and Canada at 78%.The UK takes third with 7%. 
Most of the people who watch her are female between the ages of 18-34.


                        She is a 26 year old single mom to twins with some medical problems. Bonnie is very artistic and has a flair for design. Her career as a hairstylist keeps her up to date on all the new beauty and fashion trends. She just recently lost 40lbs and is continuing to live and share a healthy lifestyle. 
    Because of her WIDE range of interests her viewers find her easy to relate to and trust her.  

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  1. Mom is a single heroine who deserves to be elevated in the appraisals! I believe she will manage to grow up beautiful children being role model for them! They are gonna have the same versatile look at life as she has!