March 21, 2015

The Holly Homer Method

As some of you may or may not know I am part of a YouTube group called "The YouTube mommy meetup". Every couple weeks they do a live hang out with a different topic each time ( they also do alot of other great stuff, if your a YouTube mom you should check out the group on facebook) , this time they had special guest Holly Homer on to talk about how she got a million facebook followers in just a year. Here is the video if you are interested in watching the whole thing 

She has ALOT of great ideas.. some of them aren't exactly relevant for us with facebook pages mostly do with out youtube but I want to try out some of the things she found worked for her. 

The thing that she thinks helped her the most is posting every hour!! EVERY HOUR! that's 24 posts a day, 7 days a week.. I honestly don't know what I could post every hour besides a picture and I would run out of pictures if I posted one every hour. But I want to try posting maybe ever hour or every two hours during the day time. Pictures, inspirational quotes, videos, maybe old blog posts.. who knows..

As of today (march 20 2015 at 11pm) I have 19,334 followers.. 188 of who are my facebook friends (lets see how many I lose posting more ;) ) Noted I haven't gained followers in over a month and have been losing them due to facebook taking away inactive accounts.

It's to late to really start planning tonight but here are a few posts I threw together for tomorrow, Lets see how they do.

" Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
So true, this picture makes my heart melt" set for9am

" The struggles is part of the story.
Little Hailey a few days new on cpap. Snuggles" set for 1 pm

" Ohhhh Hannah <3 " set for 4pm

" Little hailey so close to breaking out of the NICU.. but so far" 

" Happy Saturday.. or selfie Saturday? What are you doing this weekend? " Set for 7am

" Yesterdays Orbit.. Robot Children!! Such silly girls " set for 11am

Ok, so that's only 5 things.. but that is 6 more then I would have posted.


It is now 11:30pm march 21st. The first post was posted 16 hours ago and the last post was posted 5 hours ago.

I posted this picture first because I know that most of my followers would rather see a picture of my daughters then a picture of me. I added a question to interact with some of them to make it more interesting  

I expected this picture to do well, being that its Hannah and the cute edit

YouTube videos NEVER get any attention.. EVER so I am not at all surprised that my total reach was 578 and only 16 likes 

Another picture I suspected would do well.. I thought it would do the same as Hannahs edited picture though.. Maybe time of day(1pm), who knows. 

Great reach

This post I had not planned to post, wanted to ask and say something so I just posted it. Not to many likes but the reach is far better then a youtube video post 

Shocked. I am shocked that this is the last thing to be posted only been up for 5 hours and has the biggest reach of them all.. not as many likes as some of the other posts but it has 1,233 views! 


I was reading this great blog post about face book growth " The Complete Guide To Growing Your Organic Facebook Reach" .

Number two really stood out to me " Post at non-peak times" , Holly talked about this in the live chat but she didn't explain it in a way that I understood why it works. Pretty much the peak hours are when everyone is posting something so the chances of your picture or link getting viewed is smaller because there is already so much stuff filling up peoples news feed. If you post at non peak times (middle of the night) the chances of your post being seen are WAY greater because there is nothing else being shared then.

Another part that I found really help full was talking about how facebook chooses who see's your post.. (Out of my 19,334 followers no more then 1,500 see my posts. 

This is a picture from there blog. But pretty much if you can get someone to like your photo once or twice the chances they will see your post are much greater. So by posting at night when you think no ones awake, people who maybe not have seen your post during the day will see it like it and then be likelier to see your post during the day more. 

Is this making any sense? haha 

The blog post shows pictures of their stats to back up their theory, definitely check it out. 

Stay tuned for tomorrows plan

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