March 24, 2015

FB Growth Day 3

Continuing from the last 2 days

Todays 2am post will be : My Clothing haul video which the youtube video adder isnt working for me right now so this is the link

Todays 6am post will be 

You never know how strong you are until you have no other choice. 
How True. None of us would chose to have to be this strong, we are all just as strong even if you may not know it.


An old video off Hannah

Younger Hailey waiting for gymnastics to start. Cant believe how little she looks here!! 
So excited for their dance to start soon

6pm (our winning slot) Hannah blowing bubbles with a trach. I know if this video was uploaded as a video on fb it would get alot of likes and reach alot more people.. lets see how it does


11:30 the next day again

Lets compare all the videos the first one was posted mid after noon reach 578 with 16 like,
Second posted at 2am reach 1000 with 28 like.
Today's first video was posted at 2am also but only got a reach of 628 with 11 likes. Maybe late weekend posts are better then late day time posts. 
Todays second video was posted at 6pm which is usually the post time that gets the biggest reach. Its reach was 1043 with 30 likes.. Now is it the time or is it that its a cute video that would do good no matter what. Lets see how tomorrows video does at 6pm 

Pretty good reach

great reach, posted at noon. I think no matter the time videos will always have a good reach. Maybe try one in the middle of the night as see if it increase at all

and todays random post.... catching up on youtube at work.  This time I did not share this from instragram did not have any #hastags and still didn't get much attention... Time of day mixed with a photo of me never does good. 

No hide all todays or unlike pages! Woot. Now if only facebook would tell me how many hide alls I have out of my night-teen thousand something followers.. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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  1. Hi I saw your youtube channel Harris Family Orbit and I wanted to ask a question if its ok :-)
    I was wondering does Hailey have a hip problem because I notice sometimes she looks like she is limping. Is it because she was premature? I just wanted to know love your family you are a great mom <3 <3