March 22, 2015

Facebook Growth Day 2

Todays plan for setting up facebook posts is to post a video tonight during nonpeak times and see if they do better then yesterdays peak time youtube post. I am also going to post a blog post and see if the reach is better with a blog post over a youtube post..

This graph shows when my followers are on line. 5am-9pm are peak times when people are online but posting things. 9pm-5am are non peak times when less people are on but more likely to get views 

Party city trip!
 I go out of town shopping for party decorations for the girls birthday, plus mini haul!! 
Check it out :D
post at 2am

Hailey having a BLAST at daycare yesterday
post at 6am

Check out this blog post! 
More than just candy Easter egg hunt plus other Easter goodies that aren't candy!

post at 8am

Hannah banana learning to stand at a year and a half old.. Just after she came home from the hospital.
She was still so teeny
Post at 11am

Hannah was in the NICU with this little boy and they both got their trachs a few days apart. Check this family out! 
Trevor Grant-Maitlands journey
Thinking about doing a share of some sort once a week, what do you think? Shoutoutsunday, socail saturday, followfriday.. what ever day I remember :P 
post at 2pm

seriously considering these two were only in side me for 29weeks, they didn't get to cuddle till they were 2 months old then not again for a month or so, Hannah lived in the hospital for a year and a half.. These two have always had the most amazing bond
post at 5pm

It is now 11pm the next day again

This video got double the reach being posted at 2am then yesterdays orbit that was posted at 11. 
It also get 13 more like!

Yesterdays post at 6am was a picture of me, so it's no wounder people liked this picture more. The reach was 300 high today then yesterday  and about 100 more likes on the picture. However yesterdays picture did not get any hide! Sharing pictures of the girls is strictly what the page use to be about so, I guess you cant win them all.

Yesterday I did not post a blog post but I am not surprised the reach and like are small. They are small for ever link I share 

Yesterdays 11am post was of the youtube video Iv already talked about, this post did much greater then the last. But with 1 negative feedback

This was not a planned post, but I was tagged to do it on instagram and shared it to my facebook page. When I originally posted this picture there were allot of #hastags in it and facebok thinks of those as links so that could have been the reason for the small reach or because its honestly just a boring post! 

My first shutout sunday did ok.. Not as good as the mid afternoon post yesterday but fairly good for their being a link. The only negative feedback was in the comments and it wasnt AT ALL about me or my page

and our 6pm post, or winning post. Yesterday and today's post at 6pm have received the most reach and considering that they have been up the SHORTEST amount of time says alot. 

Anywho, stay tuned for tomorrow. I think I will continue this or a week then not document it for a week or so and then see if anything changes!

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