March 10, 2015

Decorating A Little Girls Room Cheap

             You know that feeling when you just finished decorating and organizing a room EXACTLY how you want it and you love it so much that you could honestly sit there all day and not be bored.. Yup, that's how I feel right now.

My twin daughters are turning 4 next month ( holy poop, where did the time go? ) and I wanted to decorate their room with things that they could grow into not grow out of, something that was bright and girly but not way before their age either. Today I'm only showing you my one daughters room (Hailey) because my other daughters room is currently full of medical supplies which I'm hoping we will be done with this spring/summer and once we finally are I will update her room to be *similar*.

The colors I picked were Pink (because they are little girls), Gold (because gold is so in right now and I'm obsessed, plus its bright so why not), White (for a simple clean look) and Black ( because well... lets face it everything comes in black)

For the FULL room tour please watch the video :)

The white 3D flowers I bought from Walmart for $21
The black picture frame I bought from salvation army for $7
The letter H I bought off etsy for $25

The lamp I bought from the salvation army for $5 and I spray painted it gold
The night stand I was given to me for free years ago but can be bought at walmart for $32

The gold basket I bought for $2 at dollarama and spray painted it gold
The piggy bank we got as a gift but Im going to say there probably about $10 and you can find one anywhere 
The gold chevron wall decal is $15 at target ( RIP Target canada :( )
The three cubbie stand is $20 at walmart

The bed is a bunk bed that I bought from sears for $520 but when you think about how its really TWO bed its more like you spent $260 on the bed ;)

The 3 Square picture framse (1 white & 2 black) are $10 each at Ikea
The butter fly picture is $14 at ikea
The small mirror is $2 at Ikea

The fabric over the window was bought at Fabric land. I paid $70 for the fabric which made 2 windows so approximately $35
The 8 cubbie stand is $60 at walmart
The Fabric bins for the cubbies are $6 at walmart (x 3)
The pink basket holding DVD's is $3 at Target 

All together including a bed its was approximately $550 to decorate this room! $290 with out the bed, pretty good I'd say. 

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