March 24, 2015

FB Growth Day 3

Continuing from the last 2 days

Todays 2am post will be : My Clothing haul video which the youtube video adder isnt working for me right now so this is the link

Todays 6am post will be 

You never know how strong you are until you have no other choice. 
How True. None of us would chose to have to be this strong, we are all just as strong even if you may not know it.


An old video off Hannah

Younger Hailey waiting for gymnastics to start. Cant believe how little she looks here!! 
So excited for their dance to start soon

6pm (our winning slot) Hannah blowing bubbles with a trach. I know if this video was uploaded as a video on fb it would get alot of likes and reach alot more people.. lets see how it does


11:30 the next day again

Lets compare all the videos the first one was posted mid after noon reach 578 with 16 like,
Second posted at 2am reach 1000 with 28 like.
Today's first video was posted at 2am also but only got a reach of 628 with 11 likes. Maybe late weekend posts are better then late day time posts. 
Todays second video was posted at 6pm which is usually the post time that gets the biggest reach. Its reach was 1043 with 30 likes.. Now is it the time or is it that its a cute video that would do good no matter what. Lets see how tomorrows video does at 6pm 

Pretty good reach

great reach, posted at noon. I think no matter the time videos will always have a good reach. Maybe try one in the middle of the night as see if it increase at all

and todays random post.... catching up on youtube at work.  This time I did not share this from instragram did not have any #hastags and still didn't get much attention... Time of day mixed with a photo of me never does good. 

No hide all todays or unlike pages! Woot. Now if only facebook would tell me how many hide alls I have out of my night-teen thousand something followers.. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

March 22, 2015

Facebook Growth Day 2

Todays plan for setting up facebook posts is to post a video tonight during nonpeak times and see if they do better then yesterdays peak time youtube post. I am also going to post a blog post and see if the reach is better with a blog post over a youtube post..

This graph shows when my followers are on line. 5am-9pm are peak times when people are online but posting things. 9pm-5am are non peak times when less people are on but more likely to get views 

Party city trip!
 I go out of town shopping for party decorations for the girls birthday, plus mini haul!! 
Check it out :D
post at 2am

Hailey having a BLAST at daycare yesterday
post at 6am

Check out this blog post! 
More than just candy Easter egg hunt plus other Easter goodies that aren't candy!

post at 8am

Hannah banana learning to stand at a year and a half old.. Just after she came home from the hospital.
She was still so teeny
Post at 11am

Hannah was in the NICU with this little boy and they both got their trachs a few days apart. Check this family out! 
Trevor Grant-Maitlands journey
Thinking about doing a share of some sort once a week, what do you think? Shoutoutsunday, socail saturday, followfriday.. what ever day I remember :P 
post at 2pm

seriously considering these two were only in side me for 29weeks, they didn't get to cuddle till they were 2 months old then not again for a month or so, Hannah lived in the hospital for a year and a half.. These two have always had the most amazing bond
post at 5pm

It is now 11pm the next day again

This video got double the reach being posted at 2am then yesterdays orbit that was posted at 11. 
It also get 13 more like!

Yesterdays post at 6am was a picture of me, so it's no wounder people liked this picture more. The reach was 300 high today then yesterday  and about 100 more likes on the picture. However yesterdays picture did not get any hide! Sharing pictures of the girls is strictly what the page use to be about so, I guess you cant win them all.

Yesterday I did not post a blog post but I am not surprised the reach and like are small. They are small for ever link I share 

Yesterdays 11am post was of the youtube video Iv already talked about, this post did much greater then the last. But with 1 negative feedback

This was not a planned post, but I was tagged to do it on instagram and shared it to my facebook page. When I originally posted this picture there were allot of #hastags in it and facebok thinks of those as links so that could have been the reason for the small reach or because its honestly just a boring post! 

My first shutout sunday did ok.. Not as good as the mid afternoon post yesterday but fairly good for their being a link. The only negative feedback was in the comments and it wasnt AT ALL about me or my page

and our 6pm post, or winning post. Yesterday and today's post at 6pm have received the most reach and considering that they have been up the SHORTEST amount of time says alot. 

Anywho, stay tuned for tomorrow. I think I will continue this or a week then not document it for a week or so and then see if anything changes!



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March 21, 2015

The Holly Homer Method

As some of you may or may not know I am part of a YouTube group called "The YouTube mommy meetup". Every couple weeks they do a live hang out with a different topic each time ( they also do alot of other great stuff, if your a YouTube mom you should check out the group on facebook) , this time they had special guest Holly Homer on to talk about how she got a million facebook followers in just a year. Here is the video if you are interested in watching the whole thing 

She has ALOT of great ideas.. some of them aren't exactly relevant for us with facebook pages mostly do with out youtube but I want to try out some of the things she found worked for her. 

The thing that she thinks helped her the most is posting every hour!! EVERY HOUR! that's 24 posts a day, 7 days a week.. I honestly don't know what I could post every hour besides a picture and I would run out of pictures if I posted one every hour. But I want to try posting maybe ever hour or every two hours during the day time. Pictures, inspirational quotes, videos, maybe old blog posts.. who knows..

As of today (march 20 2015 at 11pm) I have 19,334 followers.. 188 of who are my facebook friends (lets see how many I lose posting more ;) ) Noted I haven't gained followers in over a month and have been losing them due to facebook taking away inactive accounts.

It's to late to really start planning tonight but here are a few posts I threw together for tomorrow, Lets see how they do.

" Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
So true, this picture makes my heart melt" set for9am

" The struggles is part of the story.
Little Hailey a few days new on cpap. Snuggles" set for 1 pm

" Ohhhh Hannah <3 " set for 4pm

" Little hailey so close to breaking out of the NICU.. but so far" 

" Happy Saturday.. or selfie Saturday? What are you doing this weekend? " Set for 7am

" Yesterdays Orbit.. Robot Children!! Such silly girls " set for 11am

Ok, so that's only 5 things.. but that is 6 more then I would have posted.


It is now 11:30pm march 21st. The first post was posted 16 hours ago and the last post was posted 5 hours ago.

I posted this picture first because I know that most of my followers would rather see a picture of my daughters then a picture of me. I added a question to interact with some of them to make it more interesting  

I expected this picture to do well, being that its Hannah and the cute edit

YouTube videos NEVER get any attention.. EVER so I am not at all surprised that my total reach was 578 and only 16 likes 

Another picture I suspected would do well.. I thought it would do the same as Hannahs edited picture though.. Maybe time of day(1pm), who knows. 

Great reach

This post I had not planned to post, wanted to ask and say something so I just posted it. Not to many likes but the reach is far better then a youtube video post 

Shocked. I am shocked that this is the last thing to be posted only been up for 5 hours and has the biggest reach of them all.. not as many likes as some of the other posts but it has 1,233 views! 


I was reading this great blog post about face book growth " The Complete Guide To Growing Your Organic Facebook Reach" .

Number two really stood out to me " Post at non-peak times" , Holly talked about this in the live chat but she didn't explain it in a way that I understood why it works. Pretty much the peak hours are when everyone is posting something so the chances of your picture or link getting viewed is smaller because there is already so much stuff filling up peoples news feed. If you post at non peak times (middle of the night) the chances of your post being seen are WAY greater because there is nothing else being shared then.

Another part that I found really help full was talking about how facebook chooses who see's your post.. (Out of my 19,334 followers no more then 1,500 see my posts. 

This is a picture from there blog. But pretty much if you can get someone to like your photo once or twice the chances they will see your post are much greater. So by posting at night when you think no ones awake, people who maybe not have seen your post during the day will see it like it and then be likelier to see your post during the day more. 

Is this making any sense? haha 

The blog post shows pictures of their stats to back up their theory, definitely check it out. 

Stay tuned for tomorrows plan

March 10, 2015

Decorating A Little Girls Room Cheap

             You know that feeling when you just finished decorating and organizing a room EXACTLY how you want it and you love it so much that you could honestly sit there all day and not be bored.. Yup, that's how I feel right now.

My twin daughters are turning 4 next month ( holy poop, where did the time go? ) and I wanted to decorate their room with things that they could grow into not grow out of, something that was bright and girly but not way before their age either. Today I'm only showing you my one daughters room (Hailey) because my other daughters room is currently full of medical supplies which I'm hoping we will be done with this spring/summer and once we finally are I will update her room to be *similar*.

The colors I picked were Pink (because they are little girls), Gold (because gold is so in right now and I'm obsessed, plus its bright so why not), White (for a simple clean look) and Black ( because well... lets face it everything comes in black)

For the FULL room tour please watch the video :)

The white 3D flowers I bought from Walmart for $21
The black picture frame I bought from salvation army for $7
The letter H I bought off etsy for $25

The lamp I bought from the salvation army for $5 and I spray painted it gold
The night stand I was given to me for free years ago but can be bought at walmart for $32

The gold basket I bought for $2 at dollarama and spray painted it gold
The piggy bank we got as a gift but Im going to say there probably about $10 and you can find one anywhere 
The gold chevron wall decal is $15 at target ( RIP Target canada :( )
The three cubbie stand is $20 at walmart

The bed is a bunk bed that I bought from sears for $520 but when you think about how its really TWO bed its more like you spent $260 on the bed ;)

The 3 Square picture framse (1 white & 2 black) are $10 each at Ikea
The butter fly picture is $14 at ikea
The small mirror is $2 at Ikea

The fabric over the window was bought at Fabric land. I paid $70 for the fabric which made 2 windows so approximately $35
The 8 cubbie stand is $60 at walmart
The Fabric bins for the cubbies are $6 at walmart (x 3)
The pink basket holding DVD's is $3 at Target 

All together including a bed its was approximately $550 to decorate this room! $290 with out the bed, pretty good I'd say.