November 19, 2014

Honey Lemon Pepper Chicken Recipe

Fast and easy dinner for the family!
All you need is 6 things. Click the video for the recipe

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November 09, 2014

Fall Target Mom Look Book

My first look book! Done with a tripod

Clothing for moms who don't have a ton of money or live in big cities with lots of clothing stores. 3 New pieces of clothing with 2-3 outfits to wear them with.

There is a copyright song in the video, so the video only works in some countries and on some platforms. If your on you phone it might work on the computer. Sorry, I was listening to Taylor swift  shake it off and then when I went to use a song playable on youtube it just didn't work. Lesson learned for next time! 

November 03, 2014

Definition of a YouTube Mom

What is a YouTube mom?

A YouTube Mom is just like any other YouTuber. It's someone who; Films them selves or their life and posts it on YouTube. Someone who makes Vlogs (Video Blogs). A person who connects with an audience, whether it be 10 views or 100,000,000 viewers. Someone with a passion of telling stories who inspires and entertains people.

Some moms are teen moms while others are older and more stable. Some choose to show only their children, while other choose to just talk about their children. Some moms show strictly stuff related to being a mom, while others show how they stay them selves while being a mom.

  But a YouTuber can't really be defined because we are all so different. The only thing we truly have in common is our love for YouTube.

 I am a YouTube mom. I show my struggles of being a young single mom of twins with special needs.

Who's your favorite YouTube Mom ?