May 25, 2014

Tracheostomy Awareness Week 2014

This year for Tracheostomy Awareness Week I posted a video a day (on youtube) about different things to do with Trachs. I think it really helped some of our "followers" better understand what it means to have a child with a trach.

Day 1; I talked about what a Tracheostomy is vs. a Tracheotomy, Said a few reasons off the top of my head that I know of why someone who have a trach and explained why Hannah has a Trach.

Day 2; I always get so many questions about suctioning on my videos that I went into full details of everything I could think of that had to do with suctioning! Why you need to be suction, How you suction, how to use a manual suction and how to use the suction machine

Day 3; I talked about how Hannah just got taken off the ventilator and what we would do now in an emergency. I also talked about the plan to decanulate her ( The plan to take out the trach )

Day 4; This was probably my favorite one. Everything I could think of that you can NOT do with a trach (swimming, sand, hair spray ect)

Day 5; Whats in Hannahs Emergency bag. Everything you ALWAYS need to have with a trach a gtube

Day 6; How loosing the ventilator & trach will effect me. Because how trachs effects parents matter to! :)

Day 7; This wasn't so tracheostomy related but the scariest moment of having a Trach/medically complex child happened during this week so I had to share!!

Thanks for watching and being apart of Tracheostomy Awareness Week :)