December 08, 2013

Vlogmas day 2 - 8

Vlogmas Day 2: santa clause parade that Haileys in & The Truck parade

Vlogmas Day 3: 
Real life santa pictures with toddlers and decorating cupcakes

Vlogmas day 4:
Christmas tag! We answer a list of christmas questions 
followed by funny bloopers

Vlogmas Day 5:
Decorating for christmas with the girls reaction at the end

Vlogmas Day 5.5:
What the girls are getting in their stockings;
great ideas for girls,twins, two year olds

Vlogmas Day 6:
Night in the life p1;
 preparing for a night with no night nurse

Vlogmas day 7:
How to decorate for christmas cheaply

Vlogmas day 8:
Night in the life part 2

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