December 04, 2013

50 random facts about me

1. My middle name is rose
2. I'm scared of heights, feris wheel scares me.
3. I have 12 piercings
4 . Before my pregancy I use to be lactose intolerant
5. I'm awkward
6. I'm a very paranoid person
7. I color my own hair
8. I have a younger brother named kyle
9. I hate wearing socks
10. Before Hannah's sickness I was not a home body! Couldn't pay me enough to stay home.
11. I'm aaddicted to pepsi max
12. Besides pepsi max I hate carbonated beverage, despise sparking anything.
13. I use to eat cake pretty much every day hannah was in the hospital
14. I use to have my monroe peirced on the other side then I do now
15. I am not a morning person
16. I hate being touched when I'm driving
17. I started telling our journey through a blog, then I got facebook and now I'm telling it through video!
18.  I'm not a hugger
19. I hate eye, thinking about things going in them
20. I hate my knee caps being touched
21. Iv slept with ear plugs since high school
22. I hate asking for help
23. I have never been a smoker
24. I pretty much only cry when I'm stressed out
25. I like to think I'm some what artsy
26 . I want to have a baby boy, once hannahs all healthy
27. I have a hard time falling asleeo at night
28. I dropped put of school for 6 months in grade 11 and worked at mcdonalds.
29. I have a swetting problem
30. I don't have any tattos
31. I had a golf ball sized cyst removed off my ovarie
32. I drive a standard
33. I'm more awkward when I'm not weating make up
34. I feel like I need to wash my hair every day or it feels disgusting to me.
35. I never wanted to be a full time stay at home mother/house wife.
36. I hate people that want others to feel sorry for them!
37. I taught my self how to drive standard
38. I use to work at the bank
39. I don't like mushrooms or raw spinach
40. I have I swear 30 plantars warts from the first hotel we stay at in vancouver when I was pregnant that I have been getting treated for over a year,  that jisy won't go away!
41. Easter is my favourite holiday
42. My favourite color to wear is black
43. If you could tell my friends 4 years ago, I would be the mom I am today they would have never belived you.
44. I shampoo my hair twice every time I was it
45. I'm a hairdresser
46. I cracked my thumb nail on a lawn chair when I was three and I still have a crack in my nail
47. I'm illergic to codine (which is in t3's)
48. I'm perfectly content being a single parent
49. This is the first place iv lived in by my self ( with out roomates)
50. The girls 6th birthday will be on easter sunday

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  1. Acupuncture helped a stubborn plantar wart for me. Treated my immune system which was weak and while its still technically there it no longer bothers me