October 05, 2013

Draw my life

  • My Name is Bonnie, I was born in thunder bay ontario nov 12, two years later my little brother was born. life was simple back then
  • When I was 4 my mom left our dad and moved us all the way from ontraio to beautiful British columbia and my dad followed a year or so later
  • When I was 5 my mom met our step dad who I will call A. He was apart of our lives for 8-9 years untill, one day in grade 9 I came home early from a volley ball practice to find the house being searched for hiden video camreas. He had placed camreas in the bathroom to video tape me. I had to go to counseling for a few year to deal with what had happen to me. He was charged.. but he got 6 months house arrest and was still allowed to go to work
  • The next few years where really hard on me but in grade 10 I met my best friend steph and things got a little better.  I wasn't really into school and was more of a bad influence so her dad didn't like us to hang out
  •  In grade 11 I got a job at wendys , where I met my other best friend ashly who was a few years older... so she  could buy us beer;) as the years went on me and ashly became closer and closer (inseparable almost)
  • In Grade 12 steph moved up north to be with her boyfriend, 16hours away which made me really sad but I hoped that she would come back
  • After I graduated high school I felt really lost. So when steph and her boyfriend were buying a house an invited me to come up there and rent a room from them I took them up on their offer.
  • A few months later I convinced ashly that she should move up there.. and we got an apartment together.
  • After working a few different jobs I decided that I wanted to move back home and go to hair dressing school.
  • while I was in school getting really bad ovarian pains and the doctor said I would have to have surgery to remove a felopean tube at august.. it made me a little sad that with out a fallopian tube. I probably couldn't have babies and that made me really sad.
  • My dad got into a bad car accident while I was in school... he didnt make it, I was devestarted
  • I moved back up north the day after I finished hairdressing school because I needed to be closer to my besties
  • I got a job at a salon and life was good
  • On my dads birthday I went out with some friends to the bar and I got way to drunk. Thats where I met DB. We ended up going home together that night... the next morning I Didnt give him my number was really embarrased of how drunk I was
  • I went in for surgery and they discovered my tube wasn't damage!  I had a golf ball size cyst on my ovary that twisted my tubes around. They removed the cyst and I was relived to hear I could have babies.
  •  DB called my work looking for me three week after we met. We started dating and everything was great he was the sweetest guy ever and I fell completely in love him and his  kids. Every thing was good until I got pregnant.. then he started to he controlling and abusive.. I needed help to get out of the relationship.
  •  We found out we were having twins and one was smaller so I had to go to Vancouver for the hospital and he stays up north, which gave me an out in our relationship. My blessing in  disguise 
  • I was in vancouver two and a half months waiting for the girls to be born thankfully, I had my besties to talk to on the phone and My mom came to visit 
  • When they were born Hannah weighed 1 lbs 7 oz and Hailey weighed 2lbs 14 oz. 
  •  Hailey was in the NICU for 93 days before she came , Hannah stayed in the hospital for 507day(1 and a half years) and  came home with a trach. We moved back to my home town to be close to the hospital and to my mom and this is where were at now. :)
  • You can't always choose what happens in your life but you can choose how you deal with it.

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