September 09, 2013

Mini sock bun

How to make a sock bun for a toddler or small child

Take a baby, toddler or child's sock

   Cut to size of bun needed. Haileys has is really short and fine so I wanted to make hers really small
Roll sock and test in their hair

Color with a washable marker as close to their hair color as you can

Put the sock in a cup with a FEW SMALL drops of water,
 not to much or you will lose the color

Let it dry completely 

Put a pony tail in the child's hair

Then place sock around the pony tail 
(Note my sock bun wasn't dry)

Cover hair from pony tail all the way around the sock

Put another elastic around the hair and sock, 
make sure you put the elastic around at least two times(more is better)

Bobbie pin any hair thats sticking out and your done!

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