August 16, 2013

What they don't tell you about home nursing

What they don't tell you about home nursing!!

You have to plan you life a month and a half in advance. Say its July 28th you need to submit your request for ALL of September.. Who knows what you will be doing that far in advance.

Your house turns into a giant sticky note.  There's so many people that you could tell everyone of them to do or not to do something but at least one of them will forget.

Sick calls.  They always call in sick if you have something planned, so its best just not to plan.

Not being able to sleep naked/pantless.  Imagen that on a hot summers night. Sure you could probably sleep in the nude and just slip on cloths before you relive them in the morning. However in an emergency I'd rather be able to be woken up quickly and not found naked.

No privacy. Can't cry, pee or poop with out someone knowing about it..

Constant judging;
        Your parenting.  If you give a med late, if you bring her to the doctors, if you take her out of the house with you...
        How you use the nursing time. If you sleep from the moment they get there till the moment they leave, if you spend all the nursing hours out of the house....
        How clean your house is. Enough said not everyone is OCD
Dating. Awkwardest thing to do in front of strangers.

The different types of nurses;
   the lazy nurses, the OCD nurses, the really friendly nurses, the not so bright nurses, the fake nurses, the know it all, the controll freak.

Your not allowed to be friends or talk to your nurses aside from when they are at your home. No texting, no calling, no social networking everything goes through the agency.

You can't shower or pee with the door open. Imagen how inconvenient that is having two toddlers.


  1. I have often wondered about the behind the scenes of a home health nurse. Interesting read. I shared it on ANRC's FB page.

  2. My husband found one of our night nurses cutting her hair in our bathroom one morning lets just say that was the last night she worked. Your family pictures turned out great. You have such a wonderful, pretty little family. Your such a great mom!