August 24, 2013

Pro Choice

       I was scanning through the blogs I follow and came across one that really interested me. Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma she blogs about, are you really pro life or just anti abortion. Although she writes more about how she is pro life I wanted to share how I am pro choice!
   Do I think that abortions should be used as birth control? No I do not. Lots of young girls find themselves pregnant from lack of knowledge and women find them self pregnant from failed birth control. Should you repetitively find our self in this situation I don't think there should be a choice.. However that is not why I am pro choice.

  When I was pregnant with the girls; I didn't find out it was twins until 20 weeks and at that time I also informed that one was measuring 2 weeks smaller. I was then sent to BC Children's hospital where the doctors informed me that; it was most likely that their egg did not split in half causing one to be smaller and half a smaller portion of the placenta, it was not TTS and they did not know how long the smaller twin had been two weeks behind or if she was even still growing.
   I was explained that the chances of carrying the twins to term was not possible and that there would come a time when there wasn't enough blood flow/nutrients going from the smaller part of the placenta to the smaller twin. When that happened it would either be caught and they would have to be delivered right away or it would happen sudden and not be caught and the smaller one would die causing either; the bigger twin to die or have severe brain damage. If the one was to pass away, the blood  from the little over half of the functioning placenta would then have to filter through both babies which would cause lack of oxygen and nutrients. I was told that it was the doctors opinions that they didn't think they would make it and was more pushed towards terminating the sicker twin.
 You can only terminate one twin till 23 weeks 6 days and then the umbilical cord would be to thick. Because the sicker twin was 2 weeks behind she wasn't a 20 week gestation baby at this point, she was actually 18 week gestation. Baby's need to be 24 weeks to survive out side of utero. So if we watched her growth until 23 weeks and 6 days and it was still steadily two weeks behind that means she would still only be a 21 week 6 day baby. So she would have to grow at least 2-3 more weeks AFTER the time given to make the choice to save one or both.

 How can you not be pro choice in that decision? Had the sick twin stopped growing in the early weeks is it right to sign them both up for a death sentence? Or to know that the sicker twin would pass away is it fair to cause the other twin to live a life time with severely special needs by not terminating the sick twin before she passed, cutting off connecting blood flow?
Hannah thankfully did continue to grow passed 23 weeks 6 days so I chose to hope for the best. I am so grateful every day that she kept growing till 26 weeks(24 week for her) and didn't need to be delivered until 29 weeks. But there are lots of family's out there that weren't so lucky.


  1. I totally agree with you I guess what I was saying is that if you are pro life then you need to be for all lives not just the children that are unborn. I am actually pro choice because I do not want anyone to tell me what to do with my body. that being said I feel like all pro life is, is an anti abortion club and that it needs to be about all life. In regards to children born with special needs it seems that most pro lifers feel that they do not have a life worth living and yet the pro choicers are the ones that hold the torch high for the life of children with special needs. and to me that is makes a mockery out of the pro life movement. The day Zoe was born I became pro life for my daughter. of course there are always other sides to the coin I have had other mothers let their SN child go and that was their choice and I do not judge them or blame them however my stance is this IF YOU ARE PRO LIFE THEN Really BE PRO LIFE. I do appreciate your comment and your views thank you for taking the time to read and post a and to comment we need more people opening up about this topic

    1. I loved you blog it was a nice read. Its true though that a lot of pro life people are Really just anti abortion :)

  2. Thanks love, yours is wonderful. Zoe had a trach for almost 4 years so I remember all the fun of having a trach baby can be. Zoe is still vent dependent but with the use of breathing pacers instead of a traditional vent. ZOe wasn't a micro preemie but instead has a rare disease