August 30, 2013

Toddler Hair Style Demonstration

Two easy toddler hair styles that are great for short short hair! 

August 26, 2013

Home Made Play Dough - No salt, Flour or Cream of tarter

1 cup baking soda 

1/2 cup corn starch 
3/4 cup water 
Wilton food coloring

 Mix the baking soda and corn starch in a pot. Make sure all the lumps are broken up. Add water. Put the pan on the stove over medium heat and stir constantly. As soon as the mixture gathers together, remove from the heat. When it cools, need in food coloring. Don't over cook this dough or it will crumble. 

August 24, 2013

Pro Choice

       I was scanning through the blogs I follow and came across one that really interested me. Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma she blogs about, are you really pro life or just anti abortion. Although she writes more about how she is pro life I wanted to share how I am pro choice!
   Do I think that abortions should be used as birth control? No I do not. Lots of young girls find themselves pregnant from lack of knowledge and women find them self pregnant from failed birth control. Should you repetitively find our self in this situation I don't think there should be a choice.. However that is not why I am pro choice.

  When I was pregnant with the girls; I didn't find out it was twins until 20 weeks and at that time I also informed that one was measuring 2 weeks smaller. I was then sent to BC Children's hospital where the doctors informed me that; it was most likely that their egg did not split in half causing one to be smaller and half a smaller portion of the placenta, it was not TTS and they did not know how long the smaller twin had been two weeks behind or if she was even still growing.
   I was explained that the chances of carrying the twins to term was not possible and that there would come a time when there wasn't enough blood flow/nutrients going from the smaller part of the placenta to the smaller twin. When that happened it would either be caught and they would have to be delivered right away or it would happen sudden and not be caught and the smaller one would die causing either; the bigger twin to die or have severe brain damage. If the one was to pass away, the blood  from the little over half of the functioning placenta would then have to filter through both babies which would cause lack of oxygen and nutrients. I was told that it was the doctors opinions that they didn't think they would make it and was more pushed towards terminating the sicker twin.
 You can only terminate one twin till 23 weeks 6 days and then the umbilical cord would be to thick. Because the sicker twin was 2 weeks behind she wasn't a 20 week gestation baby at this point, she was actually 18 week gestation. Baby's need to be 24 weeks to survive out side of utero. So if we watched her growth until 23 weeks and 6 days and it was still steadily two weeks behind that means she would still only be a 21 week 6 day baby. So she would have to grow at least 2-3 more weeks AFTER the time given to make the choice to save one or both.

 How can you not be pro choice in that decision? Had the sick twin stopped growing in the early weeks is it right to sign them both up for a death sentence? Or to know that the sicker twin would pass away is it fair to cause the other twin to live a life time with severely special needs by not terminating the sick twin before she passed, cutting off connecting blood flow?
Hannah thankfully did continue to grow passed 23 weeks 6 days so I chose to hope for the best. I am so grateful every day that she kept growing till 26 weeks(24 week for her) and didn't need to be delivered until 29 weeks. But there are lots of family's out there that weren't so lucky.

August 23, 2013

House tour video

A tour of the Harris family house; how we organize medical equipment, notes to nurses and how we have two year old twins in two rooms.

August 16, 2013

What they don't tell you about home nursing

What they don't tell you about home nursing!!

You have to plan you life a month and a half in advance. Say its July 28th you need to submit your request for ALL of September.. Who knows what you will be doing that far in advance.

Your house turns into a giant sticky note.  There's so many people that you could tell everyone of them to do or not to do something but at least one of them will forget.

Sick calls.  They always call in sick if you have something planned, so its best just not to plan.

Not being able to sleep naked/pantless.  Imagen that on a hot summers night. Sure you could probably sleep in the nude and just slip on cloths before you relive them in the morning. However in an emergency I'd rather be able to be woken up quickly and not found naked.

No privacy. Can't cry, pee or poop with out someone knowing about it..

Constant judging;
        Your parenting.  If you give a med late, if you bring her to the doctors, if you take her out of the house with you...
        How you use the nursing time. If you sleep from the moment they get there till the moment they leave, if you spend all the nursing hours out of the house....
        How clean your house is. Enough said not everyone is OCD
Dating. Awkwardest thing to do in front of strangers.

The different types of nurses;
   the lazy nurses, the OCD nurses, the really friendly nurses, the not so bright nurses, the fake nurses, the know it all, the controll freak.

Your not allowed to be friends or talk to your nurses aside from when they are at your home. No texting, no calling, no social networking everything goes through the agency.

You can't shower or pee with the door open. Imagen how inconvenient that is having two toddlers.

August 07, 2013

In memory of grandpa Harris

 Septemeber 10 2009 I got the call, it was a Thursday and I had just finished writing an exam. As I left the room with my exam in my hand my teacher came to me and told me that I needed to call my mother right away. She didn't tell me and thing els but I knew somthings was wrong.  I called my moms cell phone, no answer. I called the house, no answer. I called my moms work and waited on hold fearing for what I was about to be told.  When my mom answered the phone she tried to stay calm which really only freaked me out more. She said she had been contacted by a police officer and that dad had been in an accident they didn't have the full details all they knew was that the night before he had been in a motor cycle accident in nanaimo (where he lived, an hour away from us) and that he had been air lifted to vancouver and is In critical condition. My mother also told me that I was his next of kin since I was 19, he wasn't married and all his family was in ontario (across the country). She told me when she got off in a few hours we would go to vancouver to see him.  Waiting to see him was so hard. Not knowing how bad it was or if he would be ok. I choose to think that everything would be fine and he would pull through.   One of the things I will never forget about this tragic event is the smell of the hospital.. it smelled so strongly of cleaners and hand sanitizers. Hannah was in the hospital a block up and it did not smell like this hospital. When we walked in the door I would find my self trying to breath through my mouth to avoid this intense smell.   Dads bed was right infront of the nirsing station. He laid asleep in the hospital bed with bruses all over hos body, a breathing tube in his mouth, his leg had a cast on it and his stomach had this odd black tar stuff on it.  The doctos told me that he had suffered severe internal bleeding mostly from his liver and that they had to remove a good portion of it. They informed me that the good thing Is, is that the liver does slowly grow back. They had him in a medically induced coma for the pain  but that they expected he would be a wake in a few days. They explained black tar stuff on his stomach. When they had gone in to remove back of his liver they had left him open incase they had to go back in so the tar like stuff was protecting his insideds from infections.    They had told us they would take him off the medication keeping him asleep sunday morning so he should wake up by Sunday after noon.  We steped out for lunch and when we came back the nurse said he had opened his eyes for a quick minute. We were all so releaved.. dad was going to wake up.  We stayed In Vancouver untill late sunday night, school was on monday. Sadly he had not opened his eyes again before we left. I called the hospital when we got home and they said they had to put him back on the medications because he wasnt doing well.  The next week I called twice a day, once before school and once around dinner time. No changes.  The hospital called me while I was at school. They needed my consent for surgery. They have found some bleeding in his stomach so they had to go in to find out how bad it was. I gave my concent, informed my mom that we needed to go back to vancouver tonight and then tried to finish the rest of the day of class.    Couldn't finish the day.. minutes later it hit my that my dad probably wouldn't make it.  When we got back to the hospital the surgery was done and the doctor needed to talk to us. He sat us down and explained that the surgery hadn't gone as planned. When they got in they lifted uo his stomach and found that his intestines had been severly damaged and extermly infected. For him to live he would have to have a colostomy bag and may eventually be able to have a artificial colon.  So upset by this new information. I knew that if they dad were to pull out of this, this would not be the life he would want. But I kept hoping for a merical.    Saturday September 26, early in the morning around 2am the hospital called and told me that I should come in. My dad was not doing well and he might not make it. I called my aunt in ontario to let her know this update, she was planning to fly here that monday.   They ran some tests and my dad had develiped pneumonia. He pulled through the night and the next day we had another sit down with the doctor. They informed us with the recent findings (pneumonia, server infection, his liver), that it was there belief he wouldn't make it. They told me I had to choose to either let him go and removed his breathing suport and take him off the medications (expect for the pain meds) or to wait and let his body eventually fail on it own. I choose to wait another 24hours and if there was no improvement we would let him go peavefully.  The next 24hours were tough. No improvement. We met with the doctors in the afternoon and agreed to let him go once my brother got there.  When my brother got there it all felt so serial. This was the last time we would all be there as a family.   The staff explained how this would go. "We will turn off the monitors and give him extra pain meds so he isnt in any pain. Then when you guys are ready to say good bye we will take out the breathing tube. He might gasp but it belong before he will stop breathing"   Me and my brother sat on either sides of the bed holding his hands crying. I was thinking so many things.. all the things he wouldnt be there for; grand kids my wedding. I thought of all the sweet memories and all of the memories I had of him being crazy and how I'd miss them.  While we held onto my dad he would make this werid noise when he would breath and all of a sudden he stopped doing it. I am possitive thats when he passed but we don't know because the moitor wasn't.   My brother was finally ready to say goodbye, we all hugged in the corner of the room as they removed the breathing tube from his mouth. We rushed back over once they let us know it was out. I didn't hear any  Gasps for air but I was sure that he had already left us before we were ready for him to go.  The hardest thing was walking away. Knowing that this would be the last time you ever see your dad. The currents were pulled around the bed but you could still see him through a crack. That's the last I saw my dad, laying there on a hospital bed through currents.  My aunt, uncle and cousin came the next day and it was nice to be around his family. I hadn't seen My uncle or cousin since I was a baby but you could sure tell they were Harris' s.  Once everyone had left it was my job to; inform everyone of his passing, clean up his place, track down his vehicles and uninsure them. I'm so greatfull my mom was there to help me. Taking care of thoses things were easier to do when he was still in the hospital.Its been almost four years since he left us. Since then iv had friends and family who have come to me when there dad passed away wanting to know how I delt with it... I never really thought about it till recently.. I wouldn't say a car accident is by any means easier but it gave me almost two weeks to accept what was going to happen and it allowed me to say good bye to him. Iv never been the type of person that allows her self to cry a lot... so I let my self have a small amount of grieving time and then tried to stay positive. I did find my self in my room crying from time to time and every 27th for the next year I would be horrified that another month had gone by. But with time it has gotten easier. It still feels serial to think about how my dads not here or how he never will know his grand children.. my stomach still sinks every time I remeber he's gone.

August 04, 2013

Swivel valve

How to properly put together the swivel valve .. note that the air flows outout down wards