June 13, 2013

DIY sharpie mug

I've heard cheaper mugs work best for sharpieing, dollor store or walmart mainstays.
Make sure mug is freshly washed with no oils on it.
I experimented with all the sharpies I had in the house.. its important to remeber that not all colors stay the same after being put in the oven. I found that black works best then red and blue.. I also tried pink and pastel colors which ALL turned out brown!
If you mess up you can dip a q-tip in rubbing alchol and it will come off.
Place the mug in the oven and THEN turn the oven on to 425. Not before so the mug has time to heat up slowly so it doesn't crack. Set the timer 30 minutes.
Once the timer goes of test the ink and make sure it won't rub off in the wash. If it did rub off then put it in for a second heating.
And your done! So simple.

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