May 31, 2013

Officially Harris' s

Finally after 3 months my application to change the girls last name was approved!!! They are officially Harris' s.
I made a cake and we had a little patry by our selves to celebrate.

May 29, 2013

The day I brought hailey home : 93 days


The day I brought Hannah home: 507 days .. 414 days Is inbetween

May 23, 2013

DIY G tube & Trach Baby Doll

* Trach
*needle and thread
*baby doll or stuffed animal

Originally I was going to try to use an old GJ Tube.. 
DO NOT try cutting it shorter. The balloon wont hold water after you cut it.

Draw a dot where you want to make a hole in the baby dolls fabric.
poke a hole in the dot you drew and pull it bigger with tweezers

Sew around the hole to prevent the g tube balloon from stretching the fabric

Cut a hole/line in the baby doll neck.. 
try to make the hole as far down as you can get it

sew the posey together so your little one cant rip it out

May 14, 2013

DIY backdrop

*Two colors of streamers
* Measuring tape 

Measure how long you need the streamers to be in this case 46', then measure how much of that is the ceiling to the wall 14'. Then cut each streamer to that length marking the distance from the ceiling to the wall so you know where to tape to the wall/ceiling corner. 

After all the streamers are taped to the ceiling tape the bottom to the floor. The streamers stay straighter if you stretch them to the floor and tape them.

Hang rope and then tie balloons, tissue pom poms ect across it. 

Hailey and I left home wensday afternoon for her EEG in victoria. We got there around 7:30 and since I was supose to keep her up late and wake her up early so she could be sleep deprived for her EEG, we stopped at the new target. Where this little monkey would find "beds" all over the store. 

DIY Giant Cupcake

*Wilton Giant Cupcake pan
*Shorting and flower 
*2 boxes of cake mix
*2-3 containers of icing 
*Food coloring
*icing tools
* Fountain (Optional)

1st Cover the giant cake pan in shortening, make sure to get all the creases good. 
Then sprinkle flour lightly over the shortening.

Measure: 2 cups of cake mix for the top half of the cupcake
 & 3 1/2 cups for the bottom
Cook on 325 for an hour(till tooth pick comes clean) and
 turn around half way through to make sure cake cooks evenly

Let it cool in pan for 15 mins, then completely on a cooling grid.

After the cake is completely cool you want to take a serrated knife 
and make the centre of the top and bottom level.  

I choose to Fountain the bottom half of the cupacke and use a little bit of icing
 in the middle of the two pieces to hold them together but you could also
Ice the bottom of the cupcake and then put a small amount of icing between the layers to hold them together

Cover the top in a small amount of icing in the color you want to decorate with,
 to cover any small places you might accidently miss. 
 Starting from the bottom going up apply icing in a circular motion.