April 05, 2013

Vital Statistics Request to Waive Consent for Change of Name: Part 2

I was so excited when I checked my Master card statement and saw this. I thought it meant it was approved..  why would they charge you and then refund you? I guess that's just how they do it. I called the office to check if they always take the money out of your account while the application is processing. The lady on the phone said yes they always do this and they would refund the money if the application wasn't approved. So then of course I asked how long it would take for the application to go threw and she said since I am applying to waive consent it would be at least 3 weeks. 

Then I received this in the mail on April 4th.. There was no refund in my master card so this must be good news.... It was just a letter saying they need my consent to email/mail their father giving him 3 weeks to reply. Bummer..  I probably would have got this letter sooner if we weren't in the hospital.

I'm not sure exactly how you prove you don't have an FMEP file or that you haven't received child support...  So I just wrote it again even though I already said that in my deceleration. I also attached the emails DB recently sent me pretty much black mailing me, that I didn't include in this post but I also wrote a quick summary in my letter to Vital Statistics because there was so much other unneeded information in the email print out.

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