April 04, 2013

Vital Statistics Application to Waive consent for Change of name: Part 1

   When I was filling out the forms for Vital Statisics to waive the consent of the other parent to change the girls last name changed I noticed there wasn't much on the web that tells you what you should write in your  statutory declaration or what documents you should include.. Or even what qualifies for waiving the other parents consent because the other party is "unreasonably holding their consent".  
  He hasn't been in their lives at all, he hasn't paid a dime in child support and every time I ask him to please change their last names he ignores me unless he wants to make some sort of deal. Right after I mailed this he replied from an email I sent him a month before asking him to please consider changing their last name.. RIGHT AFTER .. thats my kind of luck. But of course the only way he would agree to that was if I signed an agreement that If I took him to court I would have to pay him $3000 for his legal fee's... YA RIGHT. That's pretty much the same thing that he tried February 2012.. that if I forfeited my rights to child support and couldn't take him for back pay I could have their last names change... 
    So here I am blogging about trying to change Hannah & Hailey's last name.. and maybe it'll inspire another parent who doesn't have the other parents consent and is to scared to even try! 
  I wasn't sure what to add for supporting documents.. I don't have an FMEP file so I wrote that in my decoration and attached what I did have... Custody order, Restraining order, a page from Hannah's discharge summary stating that DB has not been involved and their birth certificates!!! can't forget those. In my declaration I stated why I wanted their last name changed and why I felt it would benefit them. I wrote how involved DB has been in their lives and how much child support he's paid. I also wrote with as much detail as possible while trying to keep it short all my efforts in trying to get him to change their last name. Also included all the old contact information I had for him and hoped it would be enough and then got it all notarized. 

Fill out this page twice for each child.

Copy of custody order notarized

copy of one of Hannah's discharge summarys notarized

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