April 20, 2013

2nd Birthday

Well the girls are two, I cant belive it.. It doesnt feel that long ago I was holding their tiny tiny hands in their incubators and getting ecited to change their first diapers. Their party was canceled becuase Hannah had to have surgery but I made a backdrop for photos.. the back drop was easy... getting them to sit for the pictures was a hole other story! Turns out Hannah is scared of balloons and hates plastic table cloths..



Birthday Numbers

Draw a two/number on a peice of paper and cut it out

Tac the cut out number to a peice of card board
and cut the number oug

Cut two numbers

Find atleast 3 edges in the number to cut small peices
 of card board to renforce it

Tape the card board in to place

Do atleast two layers of papermasia

and paint!

April 16, 2013

Hannah & Hailey's two year video!

Hard to believe their turning two next week!!! Here'sa video of their second year.


1st year:



April 15, 2013

April 15,2011

Two years ago today I was sitting at B.C women's hospital 29 weeks 4 days pregnant. I had been admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks and in Vancouver waiting the girls arrival for 2 months.
The day started like any other day on the maternity ward.. Getting woken up at all hours of the night for a non stress test.. Which was never easy! Hannah was always hiding under my bladder. Then the noon non stress test something wasn't right, but it was baby b/Hailey that was having decals.. So they scheduled me to go for an ultra sound immediately. Sure enough baby a/Hannah's had back flow going to the placenta. They said they would do one more scan in a few hours and then go from there. Not a positive were delivering but defiantly wasn't going to be much longer. It felt so serial.. I had waited 8 weeks for this day to come and now that it was here I wasn't ready. I thought their would be more time.. More notice that baby A/hannah wasn't getting as much blood flow. But looking back I suppose her not growing for 3 weeks should have been enough notice.
Once they wheeled me back up to my room they informed me I was going to need to be transferred down stairs to emergency/delivery and that I wasn't allowed to eat!!!! So I called DB(their "dad") to let him know what was going on and that I was scared but he was more interested in playing with a whoppy cushion then listening to how serious this was.
By the time I got down stairs to emerg it was probably close to four and I didn't have any of my stuff just my phone and phone charger. There wasn't a tv or any way to kill time and service only worked in one corner of the room...(and I was suppose to be laying in bed). The doctor talked to be briefly when I got to this ward and then didn't come back untill after dinner time to tell me the plan.
The plan was that we would deliver tomorrow(April 16,2011) around 4. They would do an ultra sounds first thing in the morning to make sure everyone's ok and then go from there... Still not a defiant when.
By this point I'm balling.. Not because I'm scared they won't make it.. I actually truly felt this was what was best for them to get out of me knowing what could happen if the blood flow stops. I was crying because I was scared and alone.. My mom was a ferry away and DB was 16hours or a 1 and a half hour plane ride away.. I was so scared of the though of a spinal tap and being cut open when I was awake.
So I called DB crying tell him what I knew.. That Hannah wasn't doing good and they would most likely be delivering them tomorrow.. As of that moment that was the plan. He checked the flights but wouldn't book a flight because it wasn't for sure and he "didn't want to miss work". Since he wasn't going to come even just to be here if they weren't born for a few days I called my mom and asked her to come.. But by this point she was to far away from the last ferry of the night to make it so she would come on the first ferry.
The 4am ultra sound was bad. The doctor came in and told me they would be delivered at 10am, thankfully my mom got their by 8am. When I told DB the news he freaked on me! Saying that they could wait till he go their at 2 if I really wanted and that I just wanted to have them. It was horrible.. On top of being scared of a c section I had this to deal with.. I asked the doctor is she would talk to him because he didn't believe me .. I probably passed her in the hall once every 2 months for the hole time hannah was there(a year and a bit) and the only reason she remembers me is because of this.. Who treats someone who's about to give birth to premature children like this.. Expesially when they have spent 2 months being close to children's hospital for this.
It sickens me to think of this.. It didn't even fully process that they were wheeling me into the OR because I was so scare of him! They had to forcefully take my phone out of my hand when we entered the OR..
But on the bright side I was so numb going into the OR that the needles in my back didn't phase me.. For the last one I actually tried to straighten my back and look at the person putting the needle in my back while he was doing it.

All my worries were really over when I hear little Hannah's cry.. Surly if a baby her size could come out crying everything would be all right.

April 05, 2013

Vital Statistics Request to Waive Consent for Change of Name: Part 2

I was so excited when I checked my Master card statement and saw this. I thought it meant it was approved..  why would they charge you and then refund you? I guess that's just how they do it. I called the office to check if they always take the money out of your account while the application is processing. The lady on the phone said yes they always do this and they would refund the money if the application wasn't approved. So then of course I asked how long it would take for the application to go threw and she said since I am applying to waive consent it would be at least 3 weeks. 

Then I received this in the mail on April 4th.. There was no refund in my master card so this must be good news.... It was just a letter saying they need my consent to email/mail their father giving him 3 weeks to reply. Bummer..  I probably would have got this letter sooner if we weren't in the hospital.

I'm not sure exactly how you prove you don't have an FMEP file or that you haven't received child support...  So I just wrote it again even though I already said that in my deceleration. I also attached the emails DB recently sent me pretty much black mailing me, that I didn't include in this post but I also wrote a quick summary in my letter to Vital Statistics because there was so much other unneeded information in the email print out.

April 04, 2013

Vital Statistics Application to Waive consent for Change of name: Part 1

   When I was filling out the forms for Vital Statisics to waive the consent of the other parent to change the girls last name changed I noticed there wasn't much on the web that tells you what you should write in your  statutory declaration or what documents you should include.. Or even what qualifies for waiving the other parents consent because the other party is "unreasonably holding their consent".  
  He hasn't been in their lives at all, he hasn't paid a dime in child support and every time I ask him to please change their last names he ignores me unless he wants to make some sort of deal. Right after I mailed this he replied from an email I sent him a month before asking him to please consider changing their last name.. RIGHT AFTER .. thats my kind of luck. But of course the only way he would agree to that was if I signed an agreement that If I took him to court I would have to pay him $3000 for his legal fee's... YA RIGHT. That's pretty much the same thing that he tried February 2012.. that if I forfeited my rights to child support and couldn't take him for back pay I could have their last names change... 
    So here I am blogging about trying to change Hannah & Hailey's last name.. and maybe it'll inspire another parent who doesn't have the other parents consent and is to scared to even try! 
  I wasn't sure what to add for supporting documents.. I don't have an FMEP file so I wrote that in my decoration and attached what I did have... Custody order, Restraining order, a page from Hannah's discharge summary stating that DB has not been involved and their birth certificates!!! can't forget those. In my declaration I stated why I wanted their last name changed and why I felt it would benefit them. I wrote how involved DB has been in their lives and how much child support he's paid. I also wrote with as much detail as possible while trying to keep it short all my efforts in trying to get him to change their last name. Also included all the old contact information I had for him and hoped it would be enough and then got it all notarized. 

Fill out this page twice for each child.

Copy of custody order notarized

copy of one of Hannah's discharge summarys notarized