March 16, 2013

No Sew DIY Tutu

Tulle - 4 yards (for a "8/16" inch long tutu)
Yard of ribbon 
measuring tool 

Measure the length of  desired tutu.. I choose to do the length of my child's hips to knee which is "8cm".
Times that by 2... "16cm"
Cut Tulle in "16cm" strips

Then roll the "16cm" strips and cut them into 4cm wide pieces.

Put ribbon around waist of the person the tutu's for.. put a pen mark where the ribbon overlaps to show you how long to make it.
Take 2 pieces of tulle and tie them in a knot as shown in the picture bellow.

When using two or more colors its best to do at least two of the same color to make it stand out. 
Trim the ends as you go to prevent uneven pieces. 

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