February 22, 2013

Public swimming pool with a Trach

  I took BOTH girls to the pool for the first time! It was amazing! I brought a hand full of HME's, a bib (with a plastic backing), the ventilator and the emergency bag to the pool. Hannah was soo excited and Hailey was actually enjoying the pool. Usually Hailey just wants to look around and be held. This time Hailey wanted to run around, play and drink the water. 
 At first it didn't feel like any different then taking Hailey to the pool but after about 5 minutes sitting on the stairs I started to freak my self out a little bit about all this water around Hannah, every little splash made me jump.. but I calmed down a bit after I put her bib/splash guard on. Like most little kids in the swimming pool Hannah turned a little bit blue making it really hard to tell if she was turning blue from not being able to breath or because she was cold. The pool was also really noisy so it was hard to hear the sounds of her breaths. But all and all it was a really good experience, lost 4 HME's in the pool and the girls had alot of fun. I'm glade Hannah got to experience something semi normal, she really enjoyed sitting in the shallow end of the pool splashing her hands in the water and walking around holding grandmas hands.


  1. All in All how did the day go?? Was the girls scared of the water???

  2. How was your trip? I think they both enjoyed the water and it's a good idea to have the kids exposed to water at a young age, so they won’t be afraid of it. This summer, it will be really nice to dip in the pool and let off some steam. Your kids are so lovely! I hope they get well, soon! :)

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  4. I’m glad that they enjoyed their first time in the pool, Bonnie. Swimming can be great exercise but in their case, they need great assistance ‘cause water aspiration can be dangerous to their health. Well, I hope the kids will get well soon so that they can have more fun moments and activities while playing at the pools. :)

    -Cathy Newman-

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