February 04, 2013


   Have you ever even heard of MRSA?? I remember the first time I heard of it.. the girls were probably around 6-8 months old and we were still in the NICU. A little boy the same age as the girls caught it from the hospital he was born in. It didn't seem so bad the mom explained that it just took a really long time for cuts to heal wasn't anything to crazy, he just had to be in an isolation room. Then about 6 months later we were in the PICU and I went to go visit his mom in his isolation room.. I just walked in the room didn't think anything of it, then the nurse came in yelling saying I needed to wear a mask, gown and gloves.. That's when it started to freak me out. If I had to wear all that for just being in the room it must be bad..

  It's probably close to a year later and Hannah now is a carrier of MRSA. Which makes me really unhappy to know that TWO MONTHS AGO she wasn't a carrier and now she is... Sure you can pick it up just any where.. but we don't go anywhere... doctors offices, hospital... really Hannah lives a pretty boring life. Did she catch it; while we were in Victoria hospital last time(after the tested her), from one of the many times we visited emerg(which every time the ask " Does she have MRSA?", the paediatrics office, the hearing clinic, one of her nurses?!?
  The worst part about having it(im sure if she's a carrier so am I) is NOT what it causes, its the fact the hospital treats you as if you have aids. All the nurses and everyone els had to wear gowns, masks and gloves.. I'm no longer allowed to take Hannah on a walk around the hospital... who knows if I'll be allowed to take her on trips out of the hospital if were there for a while again. On top of that.. They dont test their staff... so any doctor or nurse could be a carrier to this super bug they make such a big deal about... they don't test the families... If this super bug was so harmful why wouldn't the staff have to be tested? why wouldn't you have to test all the family members that are visiting? We don't wear gowns and gloves to see her... The reason we cant take her on walks is so she cant touch, sneeze or cough on anything... but we(the family) can? It's no different... just a stupid prodical that doesn't make one bit of sense.

I asked why we don't do anything special when were home and in public(away from hospitals) and the doctor said "your just suppose to assume that everyone has it" .... No part of being told your child has MRSA feels good... it feels like you were told you have aids... but its not (usualy) harmful!! All that changes is you need to take a different type of anti biotic and your cuts might not heal as quickly...

"If you are carrying MRSA in your nose or on your skin and you are healthy, you do not need treatment and you should continue with your normal activities. Although you do not pose a healthrisk to your family, co-workers, or to the public, it is important for you to wash your hands regularly using soap and water. Using an alcohol hand rub may help stop you from spreading MRSA when touching surfaces with your hands. You do not need to disclose to your workplace, school or daycare setting the fact that you carry MRSA."

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  1. Bonnie you took words out of my mouth. My son was clean when he went in and positive when he came out. They tried telling me he picked it up in the community. I didn't by it, all he had ever been was doctors or hospitals for his lift. I hate the term, I hate how sick it makes him. I hate how people treat him. Yes,they treat you and your child like they have aids. Here if he has surgergy or any other procedure I have to remember to bring all of this stuff plus things for him to do. They punish him for something he didn't get on purpose or do being naugty. This last time they finally allowed us walks if we put him in a wagon and stayed in the middle of the hallway. Try that tactic it might work.