January 05, 2013

Sole custody finally!

We had our family case conference yesterday. I was right not much was agreed on in the meeting but not alot was said. It was nice I hardly heard DB's voice. Our lawyers talked before the meeting (which I could over hear) so I knew going Into the meeting what I was getting and wasn't. My lawyer also brought to my attention before court that having a court order for childsuport could actually really hurt me financially. As of right now with his financial statement I would be getting $750 which would be amazing.... If he was actually going to pay it.
Since I live in low income housing my rent is 10% of my of my inome or $650 if I'm on income assistance. Right now I'm on income assistance and they pay my landlord directly and deposit $356 into my bank account every month, I also get $790 for child tax&disability and $200 for family baby bonus. Which is working fantastic!! No complaints. But if their was a court order for child support Income assistance would pay me according to that EVEN IF he wasn't paying!!!!!! So instead of having my rent covered and $356 extra a month I would would have to pay my rent my self and only receive $200 A month from them. $990(child tax and baby bonus)
 +$200(income assistance)- 
$650(rent) =
 $540 a month (after rent not including other bills).
(if he payed childsuport) $1290
If I wasn't on income assistance and there was a court order of child support (that he wasn't paying) my rent would be $365. 
                                                          $990(child tax and baby bonus)
                                                                        - $365 (rent) =
                                                              $625 (not including other bills!)
                                                              (if he payed childsuport) + $support
 Right now after rent I have $1344.. I never thought I'd say I dread the day the courts make him pay but I do. And since he owns his own company's it will be twice as hard for fmep to force him to pay.
Db would NOT agree to give me guardian ship which is completely stupid. Why should he have the option of making life changing decisions for the girls? where was he when Hannah had heart surgery, both bowel surgeries, deciding on a trach, trach surgery, transferring hospitals ect. And where was he when hailey got diagnosed with white matter brain diseases and had to come to the hospital with me every day for a year and a bit after she was released from hospital. He wont agree to give me guardianship because he thinks some time in the future we might move back up north well news flash we will never move back up there.
On a bright note he agreed to sole custody which is want I need to do some things with the girls, that ill post when/if it happens.

All information told here about income assistance and child support is untrue and I was given false information.

I gave my self an all over color and half a head of foils for the photo shoot we won with Tracy Russel!! I'm so exited. And FYI it is not easy to give your self that many foils ha ha.


  1. Your one tough Mamma!!! I can't wait to see the pictures and FYI your hair looks great!

  2. They only deduct once you are paid so the low down works like this.....
    FMEP(aka the money hunters work and do the leg work from us wether it be leins, notice of attachments (aka granishing wages) so say FMEP sent me money in December I would claim it on my stub sent in by today the 5th of the month, say I got 200 in december that 200 would be taken off the february check, if you get more money then your support then you have to take care of the remaining rent portion (this has only affected me once early last year when I got 6 years of his taxes).
    Although it is deducted dollar for dollar it does NOT affect your rent cost since you are still on income assistance and they have to go by that rate! The part they warn you about is you get money before it is deducted but if the money stops you need to have "saved" the child support until it is deducted.
    It isn't that bad since I am on Disability and get child support and live in low income.
    FMEP has some awesome power, if he rufuses to pay not only can they go after him in many many ways, if they have to use such power durring a year the payor(him) has to pay the equivelent of a 13th month child care payment to FMEP to cover there costs( we dont see this bonus BUT my payor owes alot to them now to)
    Income assistance also knows what amount you will get because of FMEP, the only hard part is if they deposit money on the last day of the month but you get acess to it after the 1st being another month, a bank statement solves that.
    Now that i have confused you I will PM my number to you so you can hound me with any questions you have!

  3. lol fuck so my lawyer lied to me?

  4. Congrats on the sole custody. I found your site through Top Mommy Blogs. I keep up a special needs blog there about my son Silas. I am starting an index of special-needs blogs at http://boynamedsilas.blogspot.com/p/start-linkytools-script-srchttpwww.html. I'd really love if you wanted to add your link there. Good luck!

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