January 30, 2013

Dating & Parenting

Gingy & Hannah at Jeneece's place
  I thought about wether to blog about my "dating life".. but why not. I thought with all of Hannah's medical needs I would never have time to date or being in a relationship but I guess its not dating that would be the problem more the person.

  I've been dating Gingy(we'll call him that) for a few months now and its been great! He's been so understanding and helpful. It's really nice to have a supporting and loving man in my life. He's obviously not trained to help me with Hannah but he does what he can. Doesn't mind driving to Victoria to visit us when were in the hospital, would even bring Hailey to see me on long hospital stays. He has a daughter(we'll call her Blondy) that's 5, who loves the girls to pieces.

I wanted to explain being in a relationship but still being a single parent.

A single parent is a parent not living with a spouse or partner. A person that has all the responsibilities of raising a child or children

Being a parent is providing...
    Physical/Bodily Care and Attention
           Bodily Health & Well being
            -Warmth & Comfort
           - Housing
           - Clothes
           - Food & Drinks
           -Daily Exercise & Fresh Air
           - Stimulation & Play materials: Toys, books, ect.
     Mental/Emotional Care and Attention 
           - By encouraging child to use their mid for; thinking, imagination & pretend play, symbolic play
           - To try top understand & help child to manage feelings
           -  Build their mind( Mentalise) by providing; boundaries, structure, consequences, self discipline, guidance, expectations

So even though I am in a relationship and am not single, I am still a single parent and will be untill me and my partner live together and share some of the responsibility of "parenting".

Hailey & Blondy

Hannah & Blondy


  1. sending love to you and your good lookin Gingy!! Love it!!! He is a great man you have and pray for lil hannah

  2. Cute pictures! I never thought about being "not single" but still being a single parent. I'm glad you have someone in your life though who can at least offer you some emotional and moral support. Are you in the hospital still with your daughter right now? Hope she is doing well! Alana (boynamedsilas.blogspot.com)

  3. I think it is awesome that you have found someone to if not share the burden at least make life a little brighter.And he is even luckier to have found 3 great girls to spend some time with!