January 30, 2013

Dating & Parenting

Gingy & Hannah at Jeneece's place
  I thought about wether to blog about my "dating life".. but why not. I thought with all of Hannah's medical needs I would never have time to date or being in a relationship but I guess its not dating that would be the problem more the person.

  I've been dating Gingy(we'll call him that) for a few months now and its been great! He's been so understanding and helpful. It's really nice to have a supporting and loving man in my life. He's obviously not trained to help me with Hannah but he does what he can. Doesn't mind driving to Victoria to visit us when were in the hospital, would even bring Hailey to see me on long hospital stays. He has a daughter(we'll call her Blondy) that's 5, who loves the girls to pieces.

I wanted to explain being in a relationship but still being a single parent.

A single parent is a parent not living with a spouse or partner. A person that has all the responsibilities of raising a child or children

Being a parent is providing...
    Physical/Bodily Care and Attention
           Bodily Health & Well being
            -Warmth & Comfort
           - Housing
           - Clothes
           - Food & Drinks
           -Daily Exercise & Fresh Air
           - Stimulation & Play materials: Toys, books, ect.
     Mental/Emotional Care and Attention 
           - By encouraging child to use their mid for; thinking, imagination & pretend play, symbolic play
           - To try top understand & help child to manage feelings
           -  Build their mind( Mentalise) by providing; boundaries, structure, consequences, self discipline, guidance, expectations

So even though I am in a relationship and am not single, I am still a single parent and will be untill me and my partner live together and share some of the responsibility of "parenting".

Hailey & Blondy

Hannah & Blondy

January 23, 2013

Hailey's Heart

What a day, where to start...
    Today the girls both had a pediatrician appointment. My hopes were to figure out why Hannah was vomiting blood or at least have a plan to figure out why, and to get the results back from Hailey's heart ultra sound.. The appointment did not go how I expected.. The pediatrician does not want to do a scoop of her GI to check if there is a bleed unless she starts puking blood again. Which bothers me because how many times do you have to bring your child to emerg puking blood before they will look into it?
   Then when we start discussing Hailey, she confirmed that Hailey does need surgery to close her PDA. The heart ultra sound showed blood flow threw the PDA to the lungs, which might be what's causing her to sound congested. Then came the real shocking news... it wasn't just the PDA that was making her heart murmur sound so long... She also had narrowing of the pulmonary valve... Hailey my "healthy" daughter... Completely shocked. The pediatrician told me what she knew and said we would need to be seen by a cardiologist again and on a regular basis. The ultra sound showed that the walls were thickening which was causing the valve to narrow..She said that Hailey probably wouldn't need surgery until she was an adult. They are also concerned that Hailey isn't growing because of her heart. She's on the 3rd percential for heigh, however DB and I are both not very tall so maybe she's just going to be a shorty.
 After going home and googling Pulmonary Valve Stenosis I learned that Hailey was born with this defect. The congenital pulmonary stenosis occurs in the first 8 weeks of fetal development due to improper development.. and is BY CHANCE, not a genetic thing. It is also the second most common defect of the heart. If/when Hailey needs surgery to fix the narrowing they will insert a balloon catheter into the valve to keep it open.
  My one sick hearted child just turned into two.

  Next on the stressfull things, Hannah's trach fell out. So I had to do my first ever emergency trach change alone. I have to admit yes my heart stopped but it wasn't that bad.. The emergency bag with the spare trach could have been better organized but aside from that it went really well.. I noticed her little cry.. her REALLY cry not her trach voice cry that's what made me look over. The trach must have poped out when she was crawling around. She ripped off the ventilator before I could see that the trach was out and then she reached for her trach and looked like she was going to rip it out so I yelled " HANNAH NOO!" as I realised that I could see the part of the trach that should be inside her throat. She didn't turn blue she cried pretty much the hole time, she sat her self up when I was dumping the emergency bag to get the trach and then fought me while I tried to put it back in. I would say the 4 minute rule for how long you have to put the trach in doesn't apply to Hannah. She could clearly breath and didn't look distressed.. sure she wasn't breathing as well as she could have and she was very freaked out but who wouldn't be.

January 19, 2013

Bloody pukes

We've almost been home 2 months (on January 27th), and were headed back to the hospital at the beginning of next week. Last Saturday we had to bring Hannah into the local emergency room because she was puking a little bit of blood all night followed with ALOT of blood in the morning. The doctors said that she probably just had a small tear from puking so much and that it was nothing, also that she was puking so much because she had the norwalk virus. They gave us enough Zofran(non drowsy anti nausea medication) to last us a day  2 days after that and then started puking again but not as bad. Last night(Friday) I noticed Hannah was very lethargic and puking lots again so I was going to try and call victoria hospital to get a prescription for zofran but before I could call she started puking blood.

Some of the blood puke 
The dark brownish looking stuff in side the HME is blood/puke

The blood/puke was all over her face and cloths,coming out of her nose, spots of blood all over the carpet where she had been laying, in her trach, lots in her HME, some even in her secretions when I suctioned her! Thankfully grama left the movie she was at to take us to emerge.

Hannah and grandma having a cuddle waiting to see the doctor

The Emergency doctor said the same thing as last time that it was probably just a tear but that we could wait for the on call paediatrican to come in. The pediatrican didn't have any concerns either but when I asked them to call the Victoria doctors those doctors said that they though it was a intestinal problem and that we would probably have to go to Children's hospital in Vancouver to get a intestinal scope done by the specialist there.
  Victoria doctors called today and said that we will for sure be needed to be admitted next week and they were just trying to set up appointments with specialists first.. but that if she has any more blood pukes we need to be admitted right away.
Hannah's face today from puking so much

$50 for three tiny pills!!

From google; Vomiting blood may be caused by:
  • Acute liver failure
  • Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Aspirin
  • Benign tumors of the stomach or esophagus
  • Cirrhosi  s (scarring of the liver)
  • Defects in gastrointestinal tract blood vessels
  • Dieulafoy's lesion (an artery that protrudes through the stomach wall)
  • Duodenitis (inflammation in the first part of the small intestine)
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Esophageal varices     (enlarged veins in the esophagus)
  • Esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus)
  • Gastric erosions (breakdown of tissue lining the stomach)
  • Gastric varices (enlarged veins in the stomach)
  • Gastritis    (inflammation of the stomach)
  • Mallory-Weiss tear (tear in the esophagus associated with pressure caused by vomiting or coughing)
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Pancreatitis     (pancreas inflammation)
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Portal hypertension (high blood pressure in the portal vein)
  • Prolonged or vigorous vomiting
  • Stomach cancer
In infants and young children, vomiting blood may also result from:
  • Birth defects
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Milk allergy
  • Swallowed blood, such as from the nose
  • Swallowed object

January 17, 2013

How Hailey spent 414 days waiting for Hannah to get out of the hospital

play time

floor time

ambulance ride


Nanaimo hospital 

Nanaimo hospital had a play pen <3

back at childrens, stealing Hannahs swing

floor time with Hannah

lots of time spent in her car seat

When Hannah was REALLY sick.....

Hailey only had this much room to nap on her mat

And because Hannah was so sick she was sensitive to Haileys voice..
Hailey had to play in the room next to her.

Girls having students do tests on them

1st birthday
Nap time in BC childrens NICU

Nap time on the floor with Hannah, rare.

"We're going home!!"