December 30, 2012

Over amonth home & 1st christmas home :)

  We've been home a whole month, can't believe it!! Hannah was super healthy for the first 2 weeks we were home then we all caught a really bad cold. The cold made me pretty sick(horribly runny nose, cough, fever) so Hannah handled it amazing!! She was on oxygen for a week - week and a half having horrible coughing fits at night sounded like croup. Since I have seen her sick before I wasn't as scared as last time until she stopped breathing and turned blue when I left her with a nurse and her fever wasn't going down even with Tylenol.
   Were two weeks into her cold and shes pretty much back to her normal self.. her secretions are still a little yellow and shes on the ventilator all the time but shes not having massive coughing fits when she comes off the ventilator her oxygen stats just drop. Which is normal.. after her last sickness she needed a little bit of low flow oxygen for a couple days when she was off the ventilator. 
  Hannah is now crawling like CRAZY! She can also pull her self to stand in a second and take steps forward when her hands are being held. So proud of her. It's so hard keeping up with her when shes on the ventilator though.. She either trys to crawl in a circle around the coffee table or crawls away from the ventilator and runs out of the ventilator tubing .. she also drags it under belly so its like a long tail and when she sits up runs there isn't any slack for the tubing and splits in half! But I'm impressed she hasn't let the tubes stop her at all. 

We managed to stay home for Christmas! Since we made it till October 30th (one day before Halloween) last time I wasn't getting to excited.. but it was the prefect Christmas, even snowed.  Hannah didn't really understand the unwrapping presents but Hailey did and we weren't allowed to open our own presents they were hers. They managed to only fight over one present.. a pink lap top.. haha. I brought the girls out into he snow for the first time and they both turned into beached whales when I put their snow suits on it was to funny.

The fight toy

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