December 13, 2012

Resuscitation Bag

  I'm not going to lie, when we were sent home I didn't understand fully understand how to use the Resuscitation bag. Hannah's sick again; runny nose, water eyes, fever, high heart rate, low oxygen stats needing oxygen, coughing. I stepped out yesterday to pick up a few things and I got a phone call while I was standing in the check out line up. The nurse that was on had put Hannah to sleep and she stopped breathing, turned blue and looked like she just had a fever. The nurse had everything under control by the time she had called so I wasn't to worried but when I got back her fever was 39.1 and she wasn't allowed any more Tylenol so I thought we should probably make a trip to emerge. They took a lung x ray and some blood work, came back just a cold(thankfully!). They changed the ventilator settings from spontaneous(when she initiates a breath it gives a breath) to a mode where she can breath as much as she wants but if its less then 25 breaths a minute it will give 25 breath. So that's how I realized how and when to use the resuscitation bag.  If she's not breathing the ventilator cant give her breaths so you would have to use it. Thats probably exactly how they explained it to me in the hospital but I didn't get why Hannah would ever stop breathing or why the ventilators breaths weren't the same.

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