November 15, 2012

    What's even worse then being stuck in the hospital for over 3 weeks is dealing with retarded court stuff!! I was suppose to bring Hannah in to get her swapping done for her DNA test but couldn't because she was in emerg all day that day and I couldn't rebook the appointment because Hannah was really sick and I didn't have day nurses that week or the next because a nurse just quit. Then we got sent here and first on my list to grab was defiantly not the paper with ID# on it, I didn't even pack enough socks.
    So I get a phone call from my lawyers office yesterday saying that the lab has been trying to get a hold of me and that I don't have a voice mail, that I missed my appointment and if I miss another one I will have to pay a $50 fee!! I called and asked if they could send someone to the hospital to get it done and they can't, we've barely even been home for 2 weeks before having to go to the hospital again, how am I suppose to book an appointment and show up for it! What a joke. It would have been so simple if he had just picked the healthy twin!

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