November 23, 2012

November 23

So yesterday I was asked if I would be ok with a male nurse at home... and I realised I'm not. Maybe its my age.. or the fact I am single but it would be extremely uncomfortable. Bay shore nurses are in your home at all times during the day.. when your sleep, just waking up, making food, cleaning.. just getting out of the shower. Your not suppose to be friends with your nurses but having a friend ship like relationship with them really helps and depending on the nurse it would take a long time (if at all) to ever feel like that. I have no problem with male nurses in the hospital... just not in my home.
  Hannah's getting her new J tube put in today! Same basic tube just with out being able to drain her stomach.. we should be home by Monday or Tuesday! This visit has been way to long considering she wasn't even sick!!!  Hailey's back at the sitters and apparently is coughing.........

Hailey loving chicken wings <3

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