November 20, 2012

November 20th

I'v been finding it really hard to get motivated to blog lately! We've been in the hospital for 22 days now, just waiting for a new J tube to come in. It takes 8-10 business days so hopefully by Friday or Monday it will be in! Hailey's been back an forth; she came for 2 days on Halloween then went to the amazing sitters for a week then was here with me for a week and comes back to day!.. 4 days at the sitters this time. It sucks having to be apart from her she came here with so many new things; speed walking, eating with a fork, crossing her arms and pouting when I said no. But on the other hand it is soo hard having her here! She's not Hannah who is use to the hospital 247 and now that she's walking she just wants to be everywhere and we don't have a private room so she's constantly getting into trouble.

Hannah's new favourite thing..
Taking her ventilator off and putting it on her tongue
  Most of Hannah's issues have been resolved. They noticed right away how much she was actually puking. They ended up stopping the feeds for a day after the new GJ tube was put in. Then they started the feeds at 20ml an hour and went up 5mls a day and she was still puking. They did a blue dye test inserting the blue dye into her g port, her section's didn't turn blue. They started her on a new medication Domperidone which seems to have helped SO MUCH with her puking issue.  Hannah's doing really great, its driving me crazy that we are still here... while nothing is wrong. They ordered a J tube which I'm sure the reason they haven't just let us go home and put it in the next time we are here is because I didn't listen to their instructions last time. However, last time we were home she was puking 247 and they have fixed that. 
  My mom's coming to Victoria tomorrow so I can bring Hannah in and get her DNA test done! I can't wait for it to be over. I hated this unneeded stress. 

You wouldn't Imagen how many looks you get pushing a double stroller
 with a baby in one seat and a ventilator in the other!

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