November 13, 2012

Happy birthday to me

Officially 23! My birthday was yesterday it was pretty good considering Hannah's still in the hospital! Started off by bringing Hailey to the hospital and feeding Hannah yogurt!!! It went pretty good, she wasn't in a high chair so every time I would give her some she could wiggle away and make her self happy again. I managed to get the spoon in her mouth a few times I was just using my figure at home. Then Merg a head nurse came in on her day off and brought me ice cream cake!! We went to Jeneece's place to eat it with Hannah & Hailey and they made a chocolate cake for me while I was at the hospital so I ended up with 2 cakes! They even sung happy birthday to me. It was all around a pretty good birthday, both girls were so happy all day really made the day perfect.

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