November 21, 2012

DNA Test

Well Hannah's DNA test is done! It was horrible! Poor girl honestly I think it would have been nicer for her to have a blood test then a mouth swab. The lady stood there expecting Hannah to open her mouth... I told the women that isn't going to happen she has oral aversion so I had to hold her hands up to her head and hold her hands and head tightly.. She's a strong little nugget!
When they say "it's just a mouth swab" it's really 2 swabs scrapped into each side of the mouth. Swab one the tech made her mouth bleed. She asks me is this normal? No I don't think it is but honestly she doesn't put ANYTHING in her mouth so who knows.. She swabs the other side it's even more bloody. Since she had never taken a swab and got blood I made her call the company and make sure it wasn't "contaminated" because the last thing I want is to have to come back again. Sure enough the tech left the swabs drying in Hannah's reach........ So she had toget the swabs done again!!! Poor girl :( The lady comment aw she's handling it so well.... Umm she can't scream or you wouldn't be able to hear right now!
On a side note I saw her put a fry in her mouth for a quick second!!! I gave it to her so she felt included not to actually eat.


  1. Poor girl! So glad you have them rear-facing still but with their big heavy jackets, they do not need to be worn in the seat. Sounds hard but not really. I carry my son out in his jacket then he has a special "car blanket" that he gets to snuggle with only in the car, and then when he gets out he gets his jacket put back on. Youtube carseats and jackets and see just how bad it is. Keep up the awesome work momma!

  2. poor girl... good information about DNA test .dna test mention the relationship between two person its may be mother ,father etc

  3. DNA the basic structure that proves your individuality can also be useful to take possible precautions in case of hereditary diseases. In this regard DNA testing is no doubt very important. Thank you.