October 03, 2012

NICU parent

Sharing what a NICU parent wrote

Only a NICU parent knows:

The pain of hearing a woman in her 3rd trimester IGNORANTLY complaining about her pregnancy, wondering what that would be like.
The fear of seeing their child for the first time.
The pain of not holding your child for days(or months).
That Brady's are not referring to the Brady Bunch. 
What CPAP means. 
The workings of an isolette. 
When the first lullabys they know are the beeping of alarms and ABCs are apnea/bradycardia
What  each beep means.
How important kangaroo care is to baby and mom/dad. 
That a parent's job is to fix whatever hurts their child & know the pain of realizing you can't. 
What a PICC Line is
Just how important surfactant is & what it is for that matter
Understands the realism of adjusted ages.
What it feels like to cry the first time you see your baby in a crib.
The agony over sending birth announcements.
How amazing tiny fingers feel clenched to your hand.
Finally understands the metric system. 
There are no choices in the NICU, You have to be strong.
Cracked and bleeding hands from washing them so much and coating them constantly with hand sanitizer.
How hard it is to trust 100+ people you have never met before care for the child.
What it's like to argue with each other over who changes the diaper, its a chance to touch your baby. 
Every inch of their NICU, what walls they cried against, what nurseries they 'lived in'.
What shifts each doctor, nurse, therapist, and staff member works. 
That you will be a germaphobe for at least the next 2 years. People will think you are weird and you will know you are literally saving your child's life. 
50 nurses by name, and their kids' names. 
Can give better directions to the cafeteria, gift shop and parking lot than the employees.
That every day in the NICU makes you one of the lucky ones. 
Just how important each new day is and how much significance a new day holds.
Sure, every day to a parent of a healthy, full term baby means a lot,
 but we go in not knowing. and that is scary!!

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