October 05, 2012

October 5th

  Booked the DNA test for next Monday. They ask you to bring one piece of ID for the child, a photo (which I thought was really weird that they wouldn't have a digital camera there to take one them selves) and not to eat or drink for one hour before the testing(That wont be hard).  It's so annoying having to deal with someone so pathetic like DB that will pull everything humanly possible to get out of paying child support  aside from quitting his jobs of course(heaven forbid he be poor). It sucks thinking about how this is my life.. a few things short of a jerry springer episode.

  On a side note, We are for sure going home tomorrow! So we will be back in time for thanks giving dinner.  When we first got here I was so tired and cranky, the doctor told me that the reason we were here was because of Hannah's cold, they hadn't heard anything about my heart concerns and NONE of the specialist where working all of them were on holidays. Why would you send me here if you cant have anyone knowledgeable look at her when there is another hospital just as close that knows her just as well... Well thankfully I was so cranky and  they had just screwed up BIG time on my friends child so they weren't in any position to make any kind of mistake, so they were actually listening to me. For the last few weeks they have just been ignoring everything I said. Well I was right! She needed a bigger trach(on top of needing a cuffed trach). The Ears Nose and Throat specialist put in the new trach and could tell that air was coming out both the stoma and her nose. So they upsized her Trach to a 4.5 with a cuff for while she sleeps.
  I also made sure that they figured out what was going on with her stomach because I wasn't accepting "this is Hannah" as an answer(so glade I was tired and had my momma bear attitude). After taking a few blood test and collecting a hand full of urine samples they realised she was low on sodium(which they had stopped adding to her feeds in august) and that she was very dehydrated. The GI specialist came to see her and didn't agree with us draining her G-tube, but if she is throwing up alot she said to drain it for a short amount of time and re-feed it, nothing like we were doing.
  Hannah is finally up to her normal rate and not puking like she was, she's acting normal and looks good. Pretty much they changed everything back to how children's sent her to Victoria so hopefully we wont need to come back for awhile!

I think she loves the sitters :P

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  1. The need for a picture of both the DB and the babies is because some DB's send in firends for them ie my DB! But they also need of the kids to make sure we are bringing in the right child insert rolled eyes.

    And I am confused there is a GI in Victoria? Who? So I could mabye escape the need to go to vancouver.

    Glad you should be home for Turkey day!