October 31, 2012

2nd Halloween

 Halloween wasn't how I had planned this year. I spend the last week fighting with Victoria hospital not to send us back for feeding issues that could be dealt with later. Everything was going great at home Hannah was as doing better then she had been and then her GJ tube fell out AGAIN on the 30th. So upsetting! It's fallen out every two weeks since august and it hasn't just fallen out at home it fell out once before we left the hospital with the balloon deflated. In August the GI surgeon ordered that we inflate her gj balloon with 3mls of water instead of 4-5mls and ever since then its been falling out. 
  Hannah got her GJ tube put back in around 1pm and the nursing staff agreed that I could take the girls to Jeneece's place an attempt to enjoy Halloween. Hannah was still had sedation in her so she was really sleepy and could hardly even hold her head up, I thought she would just sleep in the stroller and everything would be good. 5 minutes after being there her stats started to drop and she needed oxygen so I had to run over to the hospital. At least I tried? Maybe next year...

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