September 08, 2012

Well the first trip back to the hospital didn't last to long. Just over 24hours.
Since I left Hailey with grandma at home I was able to go down with Hannah to get her GJ tube reinserted. They told me that usually they don't let people stay in the room or watch from the office window but they would let me watch from the window. Before they started I asked how they would get the tube in If the hole shrunk. Would you have to cut the stoma to make it bigger or would u just shove it in? He didn't think that it wouldn't fit but sure enough I was right.
Hannah ended up being in radiology for close to two hours. How the procedure is done is; they put a long tube with I wire in first and guide it threw using a big X-ray machine. Then once it is in place they pull the tube out leaving the wire in place to guide the Mickey in the right spot. It was pretty neat to see I took some videos of the screen showing where the wire was. Now I understand why most hospitals can't do it.
They used two different drugs to sedate her, I'm not sure what the first one was but the second one was ketamine(horse tranquilizers). She was defiantly right out from that. You could tell she was trying to fight it but all she could do was move her tongue a bit.

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  1. The other drug was most likley propofal(spelled dif though) and she resond like K does except it makes K sooooooo mad! Glad you are home again!