September 06, 2012


   Can't believe Hannah is really home! It was so weird sitting in the back row of the van on the way home from Vic. Both girls were staring at me for most of the ride. They have both always been my girls but never had a time where they both sat there staring at my like I'm there mom TOGETHER. <3 
By the time we got home I only had enough time to make Hannah a quick feed and then four nurses were walking in the door for orientation. So far I love all my nurses! I had one nurse till 4am so I got to sleep a little but 4 am came quick! I'm dreading the adrenaline running off and when 4/6am becomes an every day thing to me when I have to drag my self out of bed rather then be willing to do it. Thankfully Hannah isn't as fradgial as most trach babies and I can sleep in the same room as her once the nurse leaves or if a nurse isn't scheduled that night. I'd still have to listen for alarms, get up for feed changes and give her meds but it's more rest then I'd get pulling all nighters.
Hannah is a lot more cranky today. She crys when she plays with a toy to be picked up, then crys she wants to play with the toy. She was so upset today from being over tired, we even had to give her oxygen to calm her down. For the next few weeks until she gets use to being here im going to force naps so she doesn't get over tired and put her self in a state like that again. She use to be so easy would nap anywhere never cry.. She can defiantly tell she's not in the hospital anymore. Hailey on the other hand is taking it way better then I expect atleast so far.
Tonight I have a nurse untill 6am, very much looking forward to the two extra hours of sleep. Tomorrow evening there will be 4 hours when there are five nurses at one time here......

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