September 26, 2012

Hannah's having breathing problems. Her ventilator use to beep off 'low minute ventilation' once and a while when she was in a deep sleep at night, nothing to alarming. Over the last week it has been beeping off a lot in big clusters it'll beep low minute ventilation every minute for 5-10 minutes! Then I started noticing it beep off 'low respiratory rate' just as often as low minute ventilation. Then it started to beep of a lot during day time naps.
I took her into the local hospital to drop off the SIM card and have the specialist read what she had been ringing off and how often but the memory card the hospital had sent us home with weren't working with the ventilator so I had to bag not to go another day she needs more pressure support while she sleeps.
Her ventilator was set on trigger, which is the machine being able to tell when she try's to inhale and gives her a breath. Now she has a secondary setting for sleeping that gives her 25 breaths per minute with her still being able to take more breaths.
Hannah is STILL PUKING!!!! We left the hospital with orders to increase her fee rate every day until she reached her normal rate. We haven't been able to increase it at all since we left the hospital. I'm starting to get a little worried about her refluxing into her lungs(maybe that's what's causing her to need more support) and bowel instruction.
Last time we were in the hospital the doctors said it looked like she was backed up with poo and maybe that was why she was puking(makes secne constipated people would puke). They also thought before she might have a narrow spot in her bowel from NEC.. And if that's true then if she's getting backed up it would make scene that if there was a narrowing spot it could be at risk of bursting.

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  1. Ugh i hate bowel stuff but yes bowels can affect the breathing rate if the bowel ilieus's then the pain makes you not want to take a deep breath, and makes you more pukey, I hope things can be tweaked without a trip south for you girls since we are heading down next week ourselves.