September 03, 2012


This is the kind of luck I have... Last night I noticed my tire was low.. All the tire places were closed by this point and today is a holiday so nothing would be open. I thought it should make it to Vic and back as long as I stop and fill it up every so often. I went out this morning to getting last minute things ready for Hannah, come home and realized it was dangerously low .. So I immediately drive to the closest gestation to fill it up. Stop at Canadian tire(not even a minute drive) after to see about this tire quick fix kit. checked the tire before going into the store it already looked a little more flat and you could hear the leak!!!!! The guy working at the parts desk said that the quick fix would only hold for 15km which is not even close to the distance to Vic and back. Kal tire emergency call outs to service would coast $150 to just come out, then $1 every km to my car and back then the coast of parts and labour:| so well over $300. Thankfully someone suggested renting a van which is only $100. Except you have to be 25 or older to rent and drive the car... So my mom had to do it.
Somthing Stressfull always happens on important days.. The day I brought Hailey out of the hospital was the day I ha to charge DB. I'm praying everything goes smoothly tomorrow and that my tire will be a lot less then $300 to fix this week on a non holiday..

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