September 18, 2012

Day in the life videos

I filmed a night and morning after with no nurses to give people an idea how much work goes into taking care of a trach baby. Not everything was filmed because it isnt convenet to turn on your camera in an emergency so a few things were left out. The clips were speed up at x8-x16 due to boringness. 

Day in the life part 1 - Night
Put in bed, reconnect her to her ventilator, 8pm puffers, clean suction machines, make night feeds,
 draw up night and morning meds, draw up pectine for feeds, rinse feeding tube after feed, 6am meds, suctions.. ect

Day in the life part 2 - Morning after
6am meds, 8am puffers, suctions, bath, trach ties, drawing day meds, making day feeds, 
drawing pectine for day feeds, equipment needed for an outting, how equipment is placed in van.. ect 

No time for being lazy with Hannah Banana 

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