September 18, 2012

Back again

  Once again we are back at Victoria hospital. Since the last trip here Hannah has been; puking/gagging a few times every hours, looking dehydrated(chapped lips, sunken soft spot ect), not keeping her HME on, having thick secretions(either from not wearing her HME or from being dehydrated). We made a trip to the local hospital Wednesday night because I was concerned maybe her GJ tube was in the wrong place and also that she might have an infection in her lungs.
  The victoria doctors wanted the local hospital to sent us for an x-ray, during which the x-ray tech coughed on her!!! Then vic asked them to get a secretion sample done and the nurse that was on started to swap the out side of her trach! Like the skin around it(neck chin ect). Then when I told her that they would want to know what was inside her trach not around it she tried to use the same Qtip inside as she did out side. The xray came back showing air in her tummy and we were told to decrease the rate of her feeds to prevent her from puking. The next day I talked to the doctor from Victoria and was told the proper way to take a trach sample and had to go back to the hospital for a second time to get a proper sample done(which involes suctioning her normaly but with a trap that keeps the section's of testing).
  On Saturday night Hannah was puking more then she had been and was looking very dehydrated and sleepy, so when the night nurse came on she called Victoria's doctors and was instructed to take Hannah to the hospital for an IV and to get another look at why she is puking. THEY DID NOTHING, and I mean nothing. They wouldn't give her an IV and its not like with Hannah you can just give her another bottles plus if shes puking you really cant give her anything more then what she is already getting. They told me that Hannah is growing so maybe this is the new Hannah and to make a paediatric appointment and maybe they would have to increase her meds. At this point it was 2:45am and I wasn't leaving with out ATLEAST a blood test if they weren't going to do anything els.. so finally the doctor agrees to give her one and says she will call me tomorrow if she thinks anything is wrong. Sure enough no phone call from her(really big surprise) but I got a call from the victoria doctor who was checking Hannah's file becuase we had called her the night before and she was checking up. Thank god somebody cares!! She wasn't alright with the blood work results and she agreed that the solution wasnt to increase her meds..  So she called us an ambulance and we were on our way back to vic 2 hours later.
 Once we got here they ran a few test took a few xrays and everything came back normal. Hooked her up to an IV to get her rehydrated. The only thing that they could see is that there was still air in her tummy and that she looked really backed up with poo. Her tummy also was gets pectine(yup the stuff you make jam with) in her feeds to thicken her poos and slow down the digestion of the food. They also had just changed her from infant Neocate to Neocate junior with pro biotics which has thickened it up alot. So we have cut pectine out of her feeds unless her stole becomes to loose again then we will add a small amount and we increased her reflex med to the proper amount for her weight.

As for Hailey I have a plan in place for where she will go, if she cant come with us to the hospital. I mentioned a lady before that had helped me out alot; cleaning my place, getting me a desk, change table, diapers, food, baby monitor and even now a home phone cable and internet.. well it turns out she works for the ministry as a foster home/respite home and knows my social worker well and has set up that if grandma for what ever reason is unable to take Hailey that she will go there and can bring Hailey to visit if we have to stay long and can even come and pick us up from victoria hospital if we have no other way. She is an amazing women! I think it is so much better for Hailey to stay with her for a few nights then to be dragged to the hospital. It's unfair for her to be here board out of her mind, there she gets to go to parks play with other kids and have a good time! Even though I really miss Hailey at least she's having a good time and is safe.
And for any haters out there, It's not that I cant handle bringing I'm thinking a head and making good parenting decisions thinking about what's best for Hailey while Hannah is in need of medical attention out of town.

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