September 02, 2012

38 more hours!!!

Hailey and I have been home for the last few days getting our house ready for Hannah to come home. Can you believe it 2 more days!!!!!! Approximately 38 more hours untill I get to take my miricale home for the first time!!

A few weeks ago I posted an ad on a Facebook group a mom shop and swap about being in need of a free change table for Hannah. A lady answered saying she had one I could have for free and would even drop it off. She dropped it off at my place with my mom and they got to talking about my situation and she wanted to help. Her and her a group of friends have helped so much!! Chang table, diapers, wipes, cloths, toys, books, toy storage, laundry hampers, food, baby monitors, vacuum and even possibly a years worth of Internet!!! She even came over and helped clean! It was a pretty big disaster from moving back and forth places and never being here.
I can't believe there is actually thy generous of people out there! You always hear about them but never actually find them.
My van tire has a hole in it. Which sucks, I'm going to try and get it repaired but everywhere is closed tomorrow because it's a holiday so I'm going to have to drive to Vic and back on it. I hope they can just repair the tire and it doesn't coast to much. I should be thankful that this is all that is wrong with it. I always have a fear of buying used vechiles from people you don't know.

Hospital day 505

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