September 30, 2012

31 Days till Halloween!!

So excited for Halloween!!!! I know its not even the first yet.. but someone facebook status was about them carving pumpkins today..... so if people are carving pumpkins I think its fine to put up some decorations. Have some free time today, Hailey is at a birthday party so I just got Hannah. Found a bunch of sweet pumpkin carving templates that I added to my Pinterest ( Finished Hannah's Halloween costume, just need to finish Hailey's Tutu.
I forgot to do trach ties with the nurse last night so I got brave and did them alone today. Her neck is soo red. I used the rope/tie stuff for the old kind of trach ties.
I tide the rope to the trach while the old tie was still on. Then cut off her old tie after triple checking that the rope was on tight enough to keep the trach in. Then cleaned and applied creams and put the new tie on and cut off the rope. Wasn't so bad.. Had the spare trach right there knowing what I was doing was VERY risky


  1. I can't believe what a wonderful mother you are! Don't let anyone tell you that your "too young" or ever tell you your doing a bad job. From everything you do, to every word you say, shows your unconditional love for those girls!

  2. I hated doing trach care by myself in the begining, after awhile I was able to to do it (almost) with my eyes shut... Your doing a great job..

  3. I agree with anonymous, I have read your posts and I see that you are a wonderful mom. You care for them more than the world and you are willing to give them everything that you can. You are an inspiration. :)