August 01, 2012


I've been slacking on updating this week.. Did my 3rd Trach change. It went great!! I feel very confident doing it now, not worried about doing it at home what so ever. We had a Telehealth meeting, just me and a organizing nurse on one end and the nursing company worker, children's hospital trach trainer, head ambulance man and 4 nurses that will be working with Hannah at home. I wasn't a big fan of being on camera but this machine will save us a few trips to Victoria once were home.
Telehealth Machine

The nursing company came in and looked at my place. They gave me tips on what I need and checked to make sure I have enough outlets. Hannah will be able to sleep in her own room up stairs!!! Yeay!!!!! They said I needed a few more things like:
  • a desk (for the nurses)
  • a chair ( for the nurses)
  • WAY more storage bins
  • shelving for storage
  • a stand for the ventilator and humidifier
  • a change table
Hannah/the purple room is a little bit smaller then the pink room and has a smaller closet. I'm going to move Hannah into the pink room so there is more space. I might also just store all the cloths in Hailey's room since they were the same size and Hannah's room is going to be full of medical equipment.
The hospital gave me these for home, to put the ventilator on! Soo grateful! I also went into super walmart today looking for storage containers, JACKPOT! They had exactly what I needed and for a good price, not to mention the lids were pink!!

Hospital day 474
1 year 3 months  17 days

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