August 18, 2012

Second night rooming in

Well it's night #2 ...Tonight the oxygen monitor won't be beeping off at 91 all night because she's been put on oxygen for the night.
Every night at 8pm she gets a hand full of meds one being lasix witch is a diarrhetic. Because its a diarrhetic it makes you pee alot.. The reason she needs to pee more is because her pulmonary hypertension. She retains extra fluid which builds up in her lungs causing her to need more breathing supports.
If she is given the med at 8 she should have a full diaper by 12. Last night I changed the diaper at 1 and it was completely dry so I told the nurse and she said it was fine. But all day she hasn't been peeing much and now she needs oxygen so I'm starting to thing I'm right about her not peeing.

I definitely feel like I comfortable brining Hannah home!

On a different note... I realized that both Hannah and Hailey have a freckle/beauty mark on there left thigh! And the both have birth marks on the back of there heads.

Hospital day 489

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  1. I just wanted to say "hi" and thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog. You are such an amazing mom. I know how hard it is to have a heart/trach baby so if you ever need to vent or have any questions about my experience please feel free to contact me anytime. Your girls are so beautiful.