August 17, 2012

Rooming in

They let me take both girls out yesterday! It was sooo nice. They loved their double stroller! I thought that since it was a tandem they would be board and wouldn't be able to see each other. Hailey was turned around facing hannah and hannah was reaching forward trying to grab her the hole walk. Its so nice watching them interact like normal twins.
The doctor only wanted me to take Hannah out for two hours so we went over to Jeneece place and played. The both fell asleep right when I was supose to start packing Hannah's equipment up, so I was bad and kept her a half hour longer.

Tonight is the first night of my 48hours of Hannah care(rooming in) in the hospital. So that means I'm in charge of everything all her feeds, meds, diapers, bath, trach tie changes. Her feeds run for 18 hours of the day with 6 hours off a day. I'm not sure how often the feed needs to be replaced but the machine will tell me when it's empty and wants a new feed. Hannah gets meds 4 times a day (easy to remember) 8am 2pm 8pm 2am.
So far everything's going good. The oxygen monitor has been beeping off at 91 a lot but 92-100 is where it should be. Nothing serious.

Hospital day 488

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