August 08, 2012

Passy-Muir Valve Trial

Hannah tired out the Passy Muir valve for the first time today!! She didn't got to go on long the RT wasn't able to come untill the last ten minutes she was off the ventilator. The one we tired today was PMV 007(Aqua color) because it is one of the few they make that works on and off the ventilator!!
How it works is; instead of Hannah breathing in and out of the trach tube, she breaths in the trach tube and the valve stops her from breathing out the same hole(1 way valve) forcing her to breath out of her mouth(making her also be able to talk!). The benefits of use a Passy Muir valve are: Voice/speech production, improved swallowing, secretion management, oxygenation, restores positive airway pressure, in-line ventilator use & interchangeable, weaning off trach and quality of life.
Hannah was a little scared at first but then she warmed up to it talked a little bit but even after we took it off I noticed her making more sounds then she had been. It was sooo nice being able to hear her cough out of her mouth.

Passy-Muir Valve benefits video

How Passy-Muir Valve works with ventilators

Hospital day 481
1 year 3 months 24 days

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